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Unique Photo Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s rich history, paired with its deep cultural roots, lends the city a unique artistic character full of striking visuals and storied environments. Philly offers an exciting atmosphere for any photographer to explore. There’s always something new to discover among its streets and even more to capture.

Unique Photo is dedicated to providing incomparable customer service, the largest selection of cameras, video, and photographic supplies, education, equipment rentals, and more. Our goal is not only to fill the needs of Philly’s photography hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts, but to create an exciting hub for photographers of all skill levels to share ideas and create better pictures.




Our studio resides on the top floor and is accessible by elevator. It has white walls, gray flooring, and rows of overhead lights that you can turn on or off. The open floor space can accommodate several lighting setups and the windows and large skylight present at each "end" of the space are perfect for gorgeous natural light portraits.

A kitchen area (with a refrigerator and tables) is available just one floor below. And if you need to pick up any additional gear, you can check out our Rental Department just two floors down.


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28 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106  |  Only 4 blocks east from the Liberty Bell!

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Meet the Team

Chris Fascenelli - Store Manager

Chris Fascenelli
- Store Manager -

Lucas Nooter - Used/Trades Manager

Lucas Nooter
- Used/Trades Manager -

Todd Lauther - Multimedia Specialist

Todd Lauther
- Multimedia Specialist -

Andrew Walker - Lab Tech

Andrew Walker
- Lab Tech -

Justin Curtis - Senior Sales

Justin Curtis
- Senior Sales -

Chris Strobel - Tech Consultant

Chris Strobel
- Tech Consultant -

Dominique Pierce - Tech Consultant

Dominique Pierce
- Tech Consultant -

Ken Kohl - Tech Consultant

Ken Kohl
- Tech Consultant -

Kristin Tsafos - Tech Consultant

Kristin Tsafos
- Tech Consultant -

Magda Kubik - Lab Tech

Magda Kubik
- Lab Tech -

Stephen Gardner - Warehousing

Stephen Gardner
- Warehousing -