Rentals Program FAQ

Have a question regarding our rental program? We have a list of frequently asked questions received from customers like you. If you have any additional questions not found here please contact us.

Rental Process

Q: Am I able to reserve an item?

A: Yes. All reservations are placed through our rentals page.

Q: If I am a first-time renter is there an approval process?

A: Anyone can rent from Unique Photo, as long as they provide a valid credit card and driver’s license. The credit card provided must cover 50% of the retail value of the entire rental order - a security deposit - plus the rental charge.

Q: How is rental period calculated?

A: Each calendar day counts as a day. If you pick up on Monday, the item is due back by the end of the day Tuesday, regardless of what time you picked it up on Monday. Your rental will be ready for pick up at the start of your selected date range.

Q: Are there any special requirements for renting certain items?

A: There are no special requirements for renting specific items. However, all items require a credit card authorization for 50% of the value of the equipment being rented.

Q: If I am satisfied with the equipment I rented am I able to buy it?

A: We do not sell our rental equipment. However, within 90 days of rental we do offer 50% credit of the Rental price toward the purchase of a new (or used, if available) item of the same make and model.


Q: What is the condition of your rental equipment?

A: We keep the most current models of camera and video equipment on hand. Our fleet is regularly cleaned and serviced to guarantee the best performance possible.

Q: What if my equipment does not work properly?

A: Unique Photo checks the functionality of each item prior to shipment, and immediately upon return. In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the equipment, we ask that you please contact us as soon as possible in order to troubleshoot any technical issue. We do ask that you test the equipment immediately upon receipt to avoid any further complications.

Q: Can I ask for help in deciding what to rent?

A: Always. Our staff is comprised of photographers/videographers who are happy to offer suggestions.


Q: What if I damage the equipment?

A: If an item is returned damaged, the damage will be assessed by our staff, and the cost of the repair will be assigned to the renter.

Q: What do you consider damage?

A: We consider damage as any mechanical failure, alteration or physical flaw that is not caused through reasonable, safe and normal use of the equipment.

Q: Do you offer insurance?

A: No, Unique Photo does not offer insurance on rental equipment. We hold a 50% deposit on a credit card until the equipment is returned. If an item is damaged, the repair cost will be deducted from the deposit. If the item is lost or damaged beyond repair (or beyond the value of the security deposit), a damage fee will be assessed to cover the costs of repair.


Q: Can I use my trade-in or store credit for my rental?

A: We do not currently accept store credit or trade-in credit for rentals.

Q: Do you charge a deposit?

A: Yes. All Rentals require a deposit of 50% of the retail value of the items being rented. The deposit does not account for the actual rental cost.

Q: When do you charge my credit card?

A: Your card will be authorized upon pickup of the equipment. It will not be charged until the equipment is returned. The authorization will appear as a pending transaction, and the initial authorization amount will need to be available on the account.

Note: In the case of using a debit card for rentals, the card will be charged at the time of pick up, and refunded at time of return. The refunding time varies from bank to bank, and can take as long as 3 to 5 business days to be reimbursed back into the account.

Q: What is your policy on cancellations?

A: Any order can be canceled, without a fee or penalty, up to 24 hours before that order is due to be picked up. If an order is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled pickup, however, we will charge a cancellation fee equal to a single day rental of each item rented. An order is not able to be cancelled once it has been picked up.

Q: Can I return an order early for a refund?

A: We are sorry but are unable to provide a discount for early returns, as we charge for the reservation and not the usage of an item. Once an order is reserved, it is unable to be rented for the entire period of the reservation, regardless of an early return.


Q: I want to rent equipment online. Am I able to pick them up?

A: Yes, all rentals can be picked up in person, or shipped.

Q: I'm unable to make it to Unique Photo, as I live too far away. Is it possible to ship my rental order to me?

A: Yes. Currently we do offer an shipping as an option. Simply select, on the calendar screen, "Ship to Me" rather than the pre-selected "In Store Pickup" option, for shippable dates.

Q: What is the process of picking equipment up?

A: Place your reservation online. Come in on the day of pickup, with your Driver’s License and the credit card used to place your order. If you are not using your own card to reserve the rental, the cardholder must be present with his/her card at time of pickup.

Q: Can I send somebody else, acting on my behalf, to pick up my rental order?

A: While we typically require the cardholder to be present at the time of pick up, some situations may arise where the cardholder cannot be present. Please fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form, which will allow an authorized user to pick up rental orders on the principal cardholder’s behalf. The form must, however, be filled out and presented by the cardholder, with the authorized user present for the first pickup. Download Authorization Form


Q: Can you guarantee my order will arrive on time?

A: Unique Photo uses UPS as a carrier for delivery of Rental items. In the unlikely event that your order is delayed, we will gladly work to resolve the issue.

Q: What are my options if my package is delayed?

A: There are several transportation issues beyond our control which may delay a shipment. In the event that a delivery estimate is missed due to delay in transit, we will work with you to discount / waive your rental charges. Unsuccessful deliveries that are attempted within the estimate do not fall within these parameters.

Q: Can you guarantee the equipment will work as promised?

A: Unique Photo checks the functionality of each item prior to shipment, and immediately after return.

Q: What happens if the equipment does not work as promised?

A: In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the equipment, we ask that you please contact us to troubleshoot any technical issue.


Q: What shipping carrier and service do you use?

A: Unique Photo uses UPS as a carrier for delivery of rental items. In the unlikely event that your order is delayed, we will gladly work to resolve the issue. Please keep in mind that UPS facilities are not open on weekends, and therefore weekend dates will be blacked out in the reservation process. If you do need a camera on the weekend, we suggest selecting delivery on the Friday before the weekend.

Q: What time is my package guaranteed to arrive by?

A: We use standard UPS service. Please note that arrival times are determined by UPS routing schedules. For information regarding your address and expected delivery times, we ask that you please contact UPS at 1-800-742-5877.

Q: Is a signature required?

A: Depending on the shipment, a signature may be required for receipt. Our goal is to deliver your rental, and we prefer that you be available for receipt. We ask that you please plan accordingly. We will not be held responsible days lost due to a missed package.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We will gladly ship your Rental to any verifiable address within the contiguous US.

Q: How are your shipping rates calculated?

A: Our rates are based on UPS shipping costs, varying by weight, distance and value.

Q: What about return shipping if I had the equipment originally shipped to me?

A: We provide a prepaid UPS return shipping label for ease of return. Please carefully repack the equipment and deliver to any UPS Store, Hub, or Drop Box by the last day of Rental to avoid any late charges.

Q: Can I get my order shipped overnight?

A: We do offer overnight shipping. Please note that this is dependent on the item, your location, and time of order. When the option is not offered, it will not be available as a selection on our site.

Q: What is the latest time I can order and still get my order shipped out on the same day?

A: We require that orders be processed before 4pm EST to be able to ship same day. Please note that payment processing issues may cause delays, and we ask that you plan accordingly.

Extensions and Lateness

Q: Can I extend my rental?

A: Yes, but please keep in mind that this is considered a new reservation and will restart the billing structure. There are some circumstances that will interfere an extension, such as another customer having placed a reservation. In the case that an item is not available to be extended, please call the Rental Department so we can see why there is trouble reserving for an extension.

Q: Can I keep an item that I cannot extend online?

A: In an effort to service the customer at large, we ask that you return the item so that it may be taken by the customer who has it reserved. If you decide to keep your order without an extension reservation, we will charge a late fee, equal to a one day rental charge at the one day rate, for each day that the item is not returned. This is non-negotiable and will be strictly enforced.

Q: What if I am late with my return?

A: Late fees will be applied each day the item is not returned.

Q: How are late fees calculated?

A: Each day late will be billed at single day rate for each item on the order.

Other Questions

Q: Do you sell used equipment?

A: Unique Photo does sell used gear, and we invite you to look at our used items page.

Q: What if I want something you do not carry?

A: Any potential rental item inquiry can be addressed to [email protected] and will be taken into consideration.

Q: Will you match another rental program's price?

A: We do not price match on rentals.

Still have questions about renting at Unique Photo? Please ask us so we can answer them all!

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