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Tether tools

Versatile. Portable. Secure.

Tether Tools is a design & manufacturing company dedicated to providing custom, quality equipment & accessories for photographers shooting tethered. Conceived by professional photographers, Tether Tools products assist with the integration of technology into the creative workflow. From workstation surfaces, mounts, cables, and jerkstoppers; Tether Tools offers a full line of high-quality products to enhance your studio and high-end photo shoots.

What is tethered photography?

Tethered photography is the process of connecting your camera directly to your computer or tablet via cable, allowing your image to bypass the camera and save directly on your computer hard drive.

Tethering software then immediately displays the image on your large computer screen so you can easily view and evaluate the results of your shot. Rather than squinting at a small LCD screen, tethering allows you to analyze the composition, depth of field, focus, lighting, and color so you can immediately see the changes that need to be made to achieve the image you want.

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