OP/TECH USA was established as a family run business by Bill Heckerman in 1982. Bill started OP/TECH in a small town named Jackson Hole in Wyoming with the development of a camera accessory called Fast Cap. Being an engineer who was passionate about his dream to provide the best camera accessories to enhance the comfort of photographers, Bill was designing new ideas wherever he went. When he was at the local Silver Dollar Bar, he designed a product he called the Fast Cap. He then went on to establish OP/TECH USA as a manufacturing unit that would mass produce the best neoprene camera hand and shoulder straps.

Innovation was set as a standard in the company’s policy ever since; OP/TECH USA only makes camera accessories that are entirely original. Bill Heckerman was passionate about photography and providing better care to cameras and other photography equipment. That is why he created OP/TECH USA, to give innovative solutions to common problems faced by photographers. The Fashion Strap hit the markets soon after the success of the Fast Cap, and both these products were made of a material called neoprene. Neoprene was largely unknown to the masses; only those associated with underwater diving were familiar with the material. Despite the market reluctance and skepticism towards the initial OP/TECH USA camera accessories, Bill kept bringing in innovation till finally the people understood the significance of neoprene and the company became famous.

OP/TECH USA is still a family owned business with over 90% of its camera accessories still manufactured in the first Belgrade, Montana factory. The legacy of Bill Heckerman lives on in the company which still thinks resolutely outside the box so that it can anticipate customer needs and provide innovative solutions to them. OP/TECH USA has retained its dedication to quality and superior function despite having expanded to a huge variety of products including camera shoulder straps over the years. Every product that is manufactured by OP/TECH USA carries a lifetime warranty against defects in the materials or flaws in the workmanship because of the company’s commitment to being reliable for the people.

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