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Magically Magnetic Photo Products is a family-owned business formed by David B.Lytle, who envisioned a magnetic photo frame that can be put on the family refrigerator or any steel surface. The first original soft pocket style magnetic frame was produced in 1989. The idea was to help people display and enjoy their favorite family moments in the form of pictures. Most people tend to stack their photos away in a box or bag, sometimes under the bed, hardly ever to be seen again. Mr. Lytle’s frames aimed at getting these precious pictures out of the box and letting them be enjoyed by visitors. Malleable and affordable, the brand aims at helping people use the frames as gifts for staying in touch by mail with family and friends.

Lytle products have been the leaders in the field of magnetic photo framing. The frames have one open side, and the photo can be inserted into this pocket for staying protected from damage. The full-sized magnet at the back of the frames covers the entire surface for better grip. Each frame is equipped with a crystal clear, photo-friendly vinyl front panel that makes the picture visible. Unique Photo offers original Lytle frames in white satin, tuxedo black, and other interesting colors. The soft sleeve style magnetic frames from Lytle are open at both ends. It allows the use of both hands to insert a long or extra large photo or a child's artwork into the frame. The brand strives to offer competitive prices and a fantastic line of the photo display products. Offering the high-quality and workmanship, these frames are perfect for wedding celebrations and photo booths. At Unique Photo, you can opt for the hard or soft pocket frames from Lytle. So, check out the different types of products and buy them at the best available discounts.

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