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ExpoImaging designs and manufactures innovative camera accessories.  The company is especially famous for its unique digital white balance filters. ExpoImaging products can be purchased online on Unique Photo. Some of the top selling ExpoImaging products include Rogue FlashBenders and ExpoDisc filters. Rogue FlashBenders is a light modifier system for shoe mount flash to give unbeatable control on strobe lights. These shapeable, positionable lights modifiers are a blessing for location photographers who face challenges all the time and need control over the reflector’s shape. Since Rogue FlashBenders are shapeable, you can bend them into any position and shape and it will hold it until you change it. This gives you the advantage of directing light wherever you want, a freedom that you can never get with bounce reflectors and static flash diffusers. Rogue FlashBenders are made from superior grade materials. The reflective surfaces are made from a synthetic fabric that can be wiped and is extremely durable. Count on it to not change the color temperature of the reflected light. The best part about Rogue FlashBenders is that it fits various branded shoe mount flashes like those by Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, Konica, Sony, Quantum, Sigma and more. ExpoImaging is also known for its high quality ExpoDisc series of Professional White Balance Filter and Video Format Filter. ExpoDisc filters help you capture rich, true colors. The new and improved ExpoDisc white balance filter helps you set white balance and meter for exposure. It also allows you to dust map your camera’s sensor. ExpoDisc white balance is known to be a premium white balance tool in the photographer community. The ExpoDisc Video Format filter is a compact and lightweight flat filter for use with large still and video lenses. Check out our wide collection of filters and camera accessories by ExpoImaging online.

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