Cinestill DF96 Developer and Fix Monobath for Black and White Film (1L)

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  • Cinestill DF96 Developer and Fix Monobath
  • For black and white films
  • Pull and push processing enabled
  • Working temperature of 70–80°F
  • Yield of 16 rolls per 1L chemistry
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The Cinestill DF96 Developer and Fix Monobath is self-completing chemistry intended for developing black and white films. The DF96 doesn’t require any dilution and can be reused for a minimum of 16 rolls per 1L of chemistry. With the DF96, your photos get a smooth grain structure and tonal curve. The chemistry has its own fixing capabilities that make it easy to use for the archival purpose. You can use the developer and fixer in a room temperature of 70–80°F. The overall developing time with the DF96 ranges from 3 to 6 minutes. You may also use the chemistry for push and pull development. The Cinestill DF96 works with tabular grain films like T-Max and Delta as well.

Product Reviews

Maybe it's me, maybe it's the monobath?

Reviewed on Friday, January 14, 2022

By: jcarns

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars.

I've developed three batches with this developer. Each time I developed a roll of 135 & 120 simultaneously. Here's my results by batch: 1) Everything came out great, was super excited for this 4 minute and done developing. 2) Both rolls were underexposed.(Possibly my fault as I did not add extra time since the instructions didn't mention this.) The 135 reticulated, but not the 120, which is weird because I thought this was caused by extreme temp change, so figured the issue would appear on both rolls, which it did not. 3) Both rolls EXTREMELY underdeveloped. (I decided extra time must be needed, so I added the exact time laid out by the CineStill website for this chemical) Was able to save a few shots by doing some artsy editing, but most are too dark to use. I've read this is a difficult chemical to make work and that everything must be exact, and I definitely don't consider myself a pro, but I've never had an issue with d76 or c-41. I use a sous vide so temp regulation is not an issue. And the third batch I added the recommended time to compensate the spent chems. I was really excited about this, but I don't think I'm going to experiment again. d76 is going back in my kit from here on out.


Brand: Cinestill

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  • Cinestill DF96 Developer and Fix Monobath for Black and White Film (1L)