Photographers Beware - Pickpockets Target DSLR Owners

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Photographers Beware - Pickpockets Target DSLR Owners

You've heard the phrase "they'll take the shirt right off your back"...Well, you might want to watch out while your traveling because thieves might feel inclined to take lens right off your camera. Tourists who tote bigger cameras around their necks stick out like a sore thumb for potential theft targets and although they might have a hard time getting your camera body off your neck without noticing, they can swiftly detach an expensive lens with ease. The Russian dash-cam footage shown here was taken from a show called The Real Hustle and shows the theft of one photographers lens from right under his nose. It might take a few views to see what's going on in the video, but the gang surrounds and distracts the photographer while they take the lens off the camera the time he notices that something is wrong,  the gang has performed a complex hand off preventing him from knowing who actually has it. Next time you're doing some street photography in Russia (hah) make sure on look out for groups that might be overly excited to see you. It could cost you your glass!