Finding The Perfect Everyday Camera Bag

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As I'm sure any photographer will tell you, finding the perfect everyday camera bag is a near impossible feat. I for one have gone through a plethora of camera bags in search for what I find the perfect bag. The biggest problem I encounter with finding the perfect everyday bag is that my needs are constantly changing. No one shoot calls for the same amount of gear and thus will constantly require a different bag. The costly and annoying aspect of this fact ultimately has landed me in owning a bunch of camera bags. In this post I’m going to detail my 3 favorite bags that I currently use in my weekly rotation.

The Brevite Everyday Bag

I got the Brevite Everyday Bag for Christmas about a year ago and it’s probably the best little backpack I own. It can a fair amount of gear and additionally has space in the upper portion of the bag for some large accessories and a front pouch for some small ones. The expanding water bottle pouch is a great place for my 20oz Yeti water bottle. Brevite says that the bag is “weather resistant” and while I have yet to put this to the test I do fear that in a decent rain storm my bag would be soaked. All in all this is a great light option for a run and gun shoot with one camera body and a couple lenses. It has a back pouch for your laptop or tablet and is an overall price friendly option.

The Peak Design Everyday Sling

I have the now discontinued 5L Peak Design Everyday Sling and it’s a great little go everywhere option. I shoot mostly with the Canon EOS R5 and the 28-70F2 which is a beefy zoom lens so if I take the sling that’s about all that fits in the bag. There’s an additional pouch for some small cables or miscellaneous accessories that stretches a bit and fits a fair bit of stuff. There is a tablet divider but my 12.9in iPad pro does not fit in it. I kind of love the sling for a run and gun shoot but it is really only good for a one camera/lens set up. The weather resistance on here has been tested quite a bit and I always feel pretty safe when using this bag in the rain. Overall for $119 you can’t go wrong if you just want something small, compact, and easy to run around with.

ONA x Tutes Camps Bay

This is my most used bag by far. The ONA x Tutes Camps Bay bag is my everyday take a ton of stuff bag. This is not your average everyday bag in that it can fit basically my entire kit for a shoot. I’ve fit my EOS R5, Hasseblad 500cm, a 35mm film camera, 2 lenses, and a ton of miscellaneous accessories in the big for a shoot day. The bag is big and the amount of gear I can fit in it speaks to that. It’s also slightly heavy when fully stocked which makes sense as it can hold a lot of gear. I bought this bag way back in 2020 and I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I had a 25% off coupon which helped get the nearly $500 asking price for the bag down which was extremely helpful. All told the bag is beautiful and extremely efficient for a shoot day. It fits almost everything I could ever need and then some. There’s a laptop sleeve that fits up to a 17in laptop and while the bag had no mention of weather resistance I’ve been caught in the rain with it before and all of my gear was fine.

Ultimately you need to pick the right bag for you at the right time. There’s a bunch of different reasons to have a bunch of different bags but if you can find out the right one for most of your work you can save yourself time and money.

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