You Need To Buy an INSTAX Wide 300 Camera


As a full time photographer and a recovering gear acquisition addict I have bought and sold a lot of cameras in my life but none have brought me more joy than the INSTAX Wide 300 Camera. This is not your mother’s polaroid camera. The Fuji INSTAX Wide is simply a fun camera. I take it on every shoot. I take it when I’m on a professional set, or just hanging out with friends and family, and every time I do it gets used.

The INSTAX Wide 300 Camera is $129.00 and the film will run you $17 a pack for color and $14 for black and white. For 10 shots per package of film the INSTAX gives you a fair amount of photos to play around with. There’s not a whole lot to the camera besides getting your distance measured up correctly. I’d say I’m fairly accurate with the camera and get great exposures 95% of the time as long as the light is good. The INSTAX in daylight is a breeze it’s more nighttime where there is wanting a bit more from the camera.

Polaroid cameras were great when we were kids and the One-Step camera they make now is a lot of fun, I should know I own one. But for me, the Fuji INSTAX is just better and clearer. Perhaps it’s the size of the film, perhaps it’s something with the lens, but whenever I begin comparing the two I always find myself grabbing the INSTAX. For a bit more than $100 it’s a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy it!

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