Comparing The Sony A7R V vs A7R IV

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Sony just announced their new A7R V and it is a good time to compare it to its predecessor the A7R IV.

Both cameras sport the same 61 megapixel full frame back-side illuminated CMOS Exmor R sensor.

The V has the latest BIONZ XR processor featured in the Alpha-1 which offers 8x the processing power versus its predecessor the A7R IV.

The V has much better video capabilities versus its older IV counterpart. The V can record 8K/25p and 4K/60p with a modest 1.2x crop in 10bit 4:2:2 quality. It also offers 4k/30/25/24/p and 1080/120p with no crop. The A7R IV can only record 4K/30p with no crop and 8bit 4:2:0 quality video. It also cannot do 8K or 4K/60. Additionally the A7R V offers 16 bit RAW output, S-Cinetone profile, and a bunch of other updates.

The A7R V has a bump in auto focus points, 693 on sensor AF points vs the A7R IV 567 AF Points.

IBIS: The new A7R V has a big upgrade when it comes to in-body stabilization. It now offers up to 8-stops of IBIS making it the most capable Sony camera in IBIS. The A7R IV had 5-stops.

Price: The A7R V comes in at $3,898.00 and is marketed improvement over its A7R IV predecessor and definitely worth the upgrade.

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