Comparing The FUJIFILM X-T5 vs X-T4

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Today FUJIFILM announced the newest addition to the X family of cameras with the updated X-T5. The new X-T5 has a brand new 40.2 megapixel sensor offering a significant bump in resolution over the predecessor. The X-T5 has the same CMOS 5 HR sensor that is in the X-H2 camera. The new sensor allows 6K video, which is a step up from the X-T4’s available 4K video.

New Autofocus enhancements also match that of the X-H2 with a hybrid AF system with phase detection. The X-T5 can detect birds, bikes, cars, planes, animals, and people.

The Body size is almost identical to the X-T4 is 50-grams lighter than the X-T4 and dual card slots. Even with the lighter body the X-T5 has 7 stops of IBIS vs the X-T4’s 6.5 stops.

New tilt screen! The X-T5 sports a new 3-way tilting LCD screen with 1.84M-dots vs the X-T4’s 1.62M-dots. Battery life is also getting an apparent 20% bump for the new model over the previous generation.

My verdict is that with all of these updates at just $1,699.00 it makes the X-T5 an extremely affordable and tantalizing option in the FUJIFILM X-System lineup.



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