Comparing The Canon EOS R6 Mark II vs EOS R6 Mark I

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Canon recently released its second iteration of the R6 camera and it feels like a good time to compare the new camera to its predecessor.


The key difference is a boost in resolution from a 20MP to 24MP sensor. While it doesn’t seem like a huge leap in spec it does move the R6 more in line with its competition in the space.

Continuous Shooting:

The R6 II allows for 40fps electronic vs the R6 I only allowing 20fps. That is a massive increase and step up in continuous shooting speed. Canon says the R6 II has a reduced rolling shutter comparative to the initial R6 so it isn’t just shooting faster bursts, in theory it should allow for less subject distortion also.


The R6 II has a very similar AF as the original R6 but it improves upon subject tracking. You can choose subject types manually or leave the camera to decide what you’re looking at. You can pick which eye tracking you use either right or left and if an eye cannot be detected the camera will automatically focus on a face.


The R6 II allows for up to 60p full width sensor 4K and FHD 180fps. The original R6 only allowed for 4K 60p with a 1.07x crop and FHD of 120fps.


While a lot of specs are the same, there is enough newness in this second iteration to warrant the upgrade. The huge leaps in video capabilities makes the R6 II a true dual threat for photographers and videographers alike. A dual shooters dream.


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