Canon CP1300 vs. CP1200: Understanding the Differences

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Canon CP1300 vs. CP1200: Understanding the Differences

If you have been waiting for the newest and most up-do-date photo printer so you can bring your images to life easily and without having to stress about complex printing settings, then you need to know about the updated version of the Canon Selphy, the CP1300. When comparing the CP1300 v CP1200, a few improvements stand out that tell you this is the all-in-one photo kiosk that you want when you go shopping for a wireless printer.

Updated Features

The CP1300 boasts the following features. Compare them side by side with the CP1200.

Prints in four sizes: Postcard, L Size, Card Size, and Square Label. This matches the options for the CP1200.

3.2 inch screen with an easy tilt for viewing vs. a 2.7 inch static screen on the older model

Advanced red eye correction and other digital touch-ups improved from previous models

Shuffle print allows multiple mobile devices to connect to the printer at once, making printing easy for the whole family

Photo booth style photo printing in a 2x6 strip has now been added to help you take advantage of the photo booth trend

Improved user interface including new category settings to make printing even easier

Other Features Included in the CP1300

If you are wondering about buying the CP1300 v CP1200 for your new wireless printer, you will also want to keep in mind these other features that have been carried over from one edition to the next. The CP1300 really does show a new step in the evolution of the Canon Selphy line, and there’s no reason to take a step backward when you can still access these features:

Optional direct battery connection to go truly wireless

Border settings for better control over picture edges

Connectivity is easy with the Wi Fi button.

There’s no other wireless photo printer on the market quite like the new Canon Selphy. Check one out today to see for yourself what a big difference having the right photo printer can make for your family’s important memories.

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