A New Film-centric Instagram App?

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Grainery, a new launched instagram adjacent app for film photographers is coming soon to an app store near you. Grainery is "a place to share, learn, and collaborate for analog photographers." In the brief amount of time I spent playing around with the online interface (the app launches soon) it was extremely similar to the web page based Instagram you know and love. A lot of what we loved from the origins of Instagram are here with Grainery with a very film focused look and feel. The people at Grainery made a very conscious decision to make the experience of Grainery feel like the IG 1.0 we used to know and love, a place to share photos and avoid the noise of reels and or video. So we have a retro feeling app (soon) with a film focus, what's not to love? 

Well, for starters my feeling is that while this is a really cool idea, it's very niche. I've spent 10+ years building an instagram account and following with work that includes both digital and film photos. Do I want to now start all over on a new app that's strictly film photos? I'm not entirely sure. Additionally, from a social media perspective we are limiting a vast majority of the IG population of people who don't shoot film and don't care to look at just film photos. While I lament the ever increasing focus that Instagram has put on video & reels I understand what they are doing that for. It is as simple as having to compete with TikTok. 

I definitely long for the early days of Instagram where I shared photos with my friends and slapped a super weird Valencia filter on every photo of pizza I posted. Those were the good ol' days but times change. Short form video, is the future of social media. It's a sad reality at this point. While I wish there was a place that exist like Instagram 1.0 it simply doesn't exisit. While I love what Grainery is doing with a film camera, and film stock centric posting method I fear it's just another place I'll have to drain a lot of my time. I hope that the app is successful and people love it but I just don't know that I have the energy to be using yet another social media app. 





  • photoinsider said…

    August 11, 2022 at 11:40AM

    Very cool!