Customized Prints

Standard Customized Prints

Our standard prints are fully customizable and made using the highest quality materials to bring out even the smallest of details. Start by selecting paper size and finish. If you're unsure of what to pick, let us know! Our lab techs are available to help.

Paper Size

  1. 8" x 12"
  2. 5" X 7"
  3. 4" X 4"
  4. 4" X 6"
  5. 40" x 60"
  6. 30" X 40"
  7. 3.5" X 5"
  8. 24" X 36"
  9. 20" x 30"
  10. 20" X 24"
  11. 16" X 20"
  12. 12" x 18"
  13. 11" X 14"
  14. 8" X 10"
  15. 2.5" x 3.5"

Paper Surface

  1. Glossy
  2. Luster

Unique's Custom Printing Values

High Quality Lab Materials

The Highest Quality Print Materials

Here in the Photo Processing Lab at Unique, we use the finest photographic materials to achieve the best image quality possible for your prints. We use traditional silver halide for prints up to 12"x18", while our large format prints use inkjet done on acid free papers with archival photographic ink made by the printing manufacturer.

Pro Lab Technicians

Professional Lab Technicians

We employ photo technicians with a deep and varied level of experience both traditional and digital to provide the best service experience possible. Our entire staff comes from a photographic background so we understand that more than making prints, we are preserving memories. We know what our end product means to each and every one of our customers and we strive to do our best to preserve and respect these memories.

Additional Services

Additional Lab Services

In addition to custom photo printing, our lab technicians also handle custom framing, film processing including black and white, c-41 color, and e-6 slide processing. To view all our additional services visit our main photo lab page.