Ultimate Understanding Your Camera Full Day Workshop with Rick Gerrity

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If you are interested in photography but don’t have a lot of time to spend in the classroom, we understand -- life gets in the way of your free time! Why not learn all you need to know about your DSLR or mirrorless camera in one Sunday? In this intensive full-day class, master all of the tips, tricks, and techniques in our most popular trio of classes: Understanding Your Camera.

*Lunch will be included.
*Please note that this class is NOT for point-and-shoot cameras.
*Due to the structure of this class, vouchers cannot be used.

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You will enter this class as a beginner looking to gain a better understanding of your camera and leave with the proper knowledge to capture amazing images that you never could have before. Industry professional Rick Gerrity will guide a small group of students from the basics of photography to advanced techniques and image composition. 


The first portion of this course initiates novices in the basic differences between shooting digital images and snapping point-and-click pictures. You will gain a better understanding of the automated modes and features, as well as the manual control and capabilities of your digital SLR and mirrorless cameras.

You will develop a complete understanding of the fundamentals (such as depth of field, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, reading histograms, on camera flashes, lenses) and how they will affect your photos. Students will learn how to manipulate aperture and shutter speed for clear exposures and understand when and why to swap lenses.

Students will also work with their cameras and apply what they have learned. By the end of this portion of the course, the buttons and settings will be much easier to manipulate and each student will have the ability to capture the images closer to their vision.

But that’s not all! In the next session of the course, students will learn exposure and metering.


Exposure and metering take center stage during the second of this class.  Understanding the basics of exposure and metering are the building blocks to becoming a good photographer. This course will teach you these fundamental basics of photography such as the relationship between f-stops and shutter speeds, as well as understanding the positives and negatives of ISO/ASA sensitivity with your image sensor. How your camera’s metering system works, metering modes, scene modes, advantages of RAW versus JPEG image files, interpreting the histogram, exposure compensation, manual controls and much more will all be discussed!

The third portion of the class bring the entire course to completion for a full comprehension of using your camera to Create Better Pictures.


The third section of this course trains the eye in the art of image composition by imparting lessons in the rule of thirds and perspective.

Go over composition basics, such as the rule of thirds, perspective, horizontal vs. vertical orientation, and designing a photograph, to assist you in developing your own personal style and vision. Students will learn the vital aspects and rules of image composition and graphic design as they apply to taking photographs.

*Due to the structure of this class, previous registrations including Bundle Purchases, Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local vouchers cannot be used.
**Students should provide their own DSLR or mirrorless camera, or they may rent one from the rentals department at a 50% daily discount.

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Where are classes held? 
Unless stated otherwise, classes are held in the Unique University classroom within the Unique Photo SuperStore (123 US Highway 46 West, Fairfield, NJ 07004). 

What should I bring to class? 
You're encouraged to bring your camera and a notebook and pen to most classes. Some classes will require additional equipment, so please check the class descriptions. 

Will lunch or refreshments be included? 
Lunch and refreshments are not provided for any classes under 6 hours unless noted. 

How do I register for a class? 
You can register online, in-store at the concierge, or by phone at either 973-377-6454 or 973-377-2007. Please note that you will need to provide payment information. 

Can I register at the door? 
For most classes, you're free to register at the concierge desk prior to the start of the class. Please note that there are some classes that offer "Early Bird Special" rates and others that have limited seating, so it would be in your best interest to register prior to the dates of such classes. 

I wanted to register for ______ class, but it is now sold out. Is there a waiting list? 
Please contact us at 973-377-6454 or university@uniquephoto.com with the following information: your name, phone number, email address, and the class name and date. 

My question has not been addressed here. Is there someone I can contact? 
Please contact us at 973-377-6454 or university@uniquephoto.com with any additional inquiries.

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well worth the price and time

Reviewed on Monday, March 25, 2013

By: Bruce_H

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars.

I just took this course yesterday. For a novice like myself, it helped me learn my way around my camera. I really did not know much about the various settings and buttons on my camera, but I do now. Rick is a good instructor. I'm sure this class was kind of like "camera kindergarten" to him, but he was interesting and informative. As it is difficult for me to get to classes like this, I particularly liked the fact that I was able to get it all done in one day, rather than three separate classes.

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