Unleash Your Inner Storyteller with Adam Forgione (Day 1 + 2)

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Captivate Your Audience + Develop Better Business Practices
Unleash Your Inner Storyteller will teach you how to tell more emotional stories for businesses, non-profits, and documentaries. Equally as important, you will leave this workshop knowing the entire business side of running and growing a successful video production studio.

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Day 1: Classroom (Mon, Aug. 31st, 5:30pm - 10pm)
Day 2: Master Class (Tue, Sept. 1st, 9am - 6pm)
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From client meetings and pre-production to filming and editing, learn how to unleash your inner storyteller from one of the most insightful instructors and filmmakers around. Our Classroom Session and Master Classes are designed to teach and inspire everyone, from the seasoned filmmaking professional to the novice filmmaker. You will learn Adam’s secrets to success, which have skyrocketed his studio into shooting feature-length documentaries, Fortune 500 corporate and commercial films, non-profit stories, and million dollar weddings.

Adam Forgione tells stories for Time Warner, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cole Haan, Rode, and many others. He is the creative director and founder of Pennylane, a New York-based studio specializing in corporate & commercial filmmaking for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, documentaries, and million-dollar weddings. This experience has allowed him to master his storytelling skills working for some of the most elite clientele on the planet.

Adam will show you better ways to find emotion, tell more compelling stories, and grow your business — so that you deliver home-runs for your clients every time. He prides himself on sharing his knowledge and experience with filmmakers around the world, teaching methods that allow his studio to maintain and add numerous clients every year, some of which spending upwards of $60,000+ each per year with his company. He’s able to do this because of the return on investment he delivers back to his clients and this is what he will teach you. . .

Before he was a filmmaker, Adam was an accomplished musician and music producer, playing keyboards for Ritchie Blackmore’s (Deep Purple, Rainbow) world tours and producing and engineering many pop/rock albums for local New York bands. It’s no wonder why he’s been coined “The Audio Guru” of the filmmaking world.

One of Adam’s main goals is to help cinematographers gain a higher number of more productive accounts through utilizing better business practices – the very same practices that have allowed him to direct and DP stories for Fortune 500 companies like Canon, TGI Friday’s, Goodyear, Motorola, and Sheryl Crow.

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Where are classes held? 
Unless stated otherwise, classes are held in the Unique University classroom within the Unique Photo SuperStore (123 US Highway 46 West, Fairfield, NJ 07004). 

What should I bring to class? 
You're encouraged to bring your camera and a notebook and pen to most classes. Some classes will require additional equipment, so please check the class descriptions. 

Will lunch or refreshments be included? 
Lunch and refreshments are not provided for any classes under 6 hours unless noted. 

How do I register for a class? 
You can register online, in-store at the concierge, or by phone at either 973-377-6454 or 973-377-2007. Please note that you will need to provide payment information. 

Can I register at the door? 
For most classes, you're free to register at the concierge desk prior to the start of the class. Please note that there are some classes that offer "Early Bird Special" rates and others that have limited seating, so it would be in your best interest to register prior to the dates of such classes. 

I wanted to register for ______ class, but it is now sold out. Is there a waiting list? 
Please contact Pamela at 973-377-6454 or email [email protected] with the following information: your name, phone number, email address, and the class name and date. 

My question has not been addressed here. Is there someone I can contact? 
Please contact Pamela at 973-377-6454 or email [email protected] with any additional inquiries.

Unique University Class Cancellation Policy
Classes costing less than $99 may be canceled up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund. For classes costing $100 or more, advanced notice of seven days before the class is necessary for a full refund.
Requests for cancellation made after these deadlines will be awarded store credit in the amount paid for registration towards a future Unique University seminar or workshop.
Cancellations made within 24 hours of the beginning of a class will not be honored and no refund or credit will be given.
Cancellations of any class utilizing models will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the purchased price (up to $100).

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