Intro to Photo Editing with David H. Wells

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Master photographer and teacher, David H. Wells will show you how to edit images with a clear vision. This Friday night seminar, David will walk you through his career path, show examples of best edits of his work and teach you the basics of selecting the best few images from a large set of work. 

This seminar opens the door for Saturday's hands-on learning experience with David Wells (Saturday April 18th 11:30am-2:30pm). If you are interested in attending the workshop and receiving the seminar for free, please click here for more information or to sign up.

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The best way to improve as a photographer does not involve any particular piece of gear or course of study, nor does it involve apprenticing yourself to a master photographer. The very best way to become a better photographer is to take a lot of pictures and select the best few. In that process, the photographer develops an ongoing portfolio and figures out what their strengths are as a photographer. The best photographers understand how to look at their failed images and understand why those images did NOT work. Like in many pursuits, photographers learn as much or more from their mistakes as they do from their successes.

The problem is that most photographers cannot edit their own work well. Sometimes they are too caught up in the content of the image and other times they are too focused on the emotional experience they underwent as they made the photographs. Outsiders looking at the same images do not care that the badly framed portrait shows a beloved child nor do they care how the photographer hiked for hours to make the image in question. 

Looking at the photographs as they are, without explanation (or even captions in many cases) is how almost all end-users of photographs experience them. In this class we ill explore how to edit your own photographs effectively by similarly stepping back and looking at your work as an outsider. Through exercises, David will train you to look at photographs analytically. In this workshop, we go through an exercise where we consider:

• How do you "Critique" photographs? 
• Saying "wow," "neat" or "cool" is not critiquing photographs. 
• We need a common language for critiquing photographs. 
• We need to be able to discuss the photographic tools, elements and techniques the photographer used, successfully or unsuccessfully, to make the image that communicates their idea. 
• This is regardless of photographic style, media, genre, format, etc.

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Where are classes held? 
Unless stated otherwise, classes are held in the Unique University classroom within the Unique Photo SuperStore (123 US Highway 46 West, Fairfield, NJ 07004). 

What should I bring to class? 
You're encouraged to bring your camera and a notebook and pen to most classes. Some classes will require additional equipment, so please check the class descriptions. 

Will lunch or refreshments be included? 
Lunch and refreshments are not provided for any classes under 6 hours unless noted. 

How do I register for a class? 
You can register online, in-store at the concierge, or by phone at either 973-377-6454 or 973-377-2007. Please note that you will need to provide payment information. 

Can I register at the door? 
For most classes, you're free to register at the concierge desk prior to the start of the class. Please note that there are some classes that offer "Early Bird Special" rates and others that have limited seating, so it would be in your best interest to register prior to the dates of such classes. 

I wanted to register for ______ class, but it is now sold out. Is there a waiting list? 
Please contact Pamela at 973-377-6454 or email [email protected] with the following information: your name, phone number, email address, and the class name and date. 

My question has not been addressed here. Is there someone I can contact? 
Please contact Pamela at 973-377-6454 or email [email protected] with any additional inquiries.

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