Why You Need To Print Your Photos


I previously wrote about the Instax Wide Link and how it has rapidly become my new favorite photographic accessory. There’s something so fun and enjoyable about taking any photo you have and turning it into a polaroid/instax wide photo. As I was reflecting on my love for the Link it got me thinking about the greater love I have for printing my work, and why you should be doing it as well.

It’s 2022 and photography has become an inherently digital medium. Film photography is certainly on the rise but still not common practice. A lot of times, photographers will go on a shoot, upload to their computer, publish to Instagram and never look or interact with that image again. Gone are the days of 3x5 prints from your local lab, and I think that needs to change.

There is an importance of printing your photographs that I think gets lost in this digital age we live in. There is something remarkably wonderful about having the ability to look at and appreciate your photographs when they’re hanging on your wall, or adorning a picture frame in your home. It takes on a larger life for you than it would had you just posted it to Instagram and forgotten about it. People take pictures because they are a snapshot in time that commemorates a moment that was important to them. What better way is there to do that than by printing that image and showing it off at your home?

You can get an 8x10 photo of your work from the Unique Photo lab for only $4.00. That is an incredible value when you consider that photo will likely hang in your home for years. For me, the act of printing my work has changed my view of my photography because it lets me live with it and appreciate it more. It’s not just living on my phone but something I get to look at and admire on a daily basis. To me, there’s nothing better than taking your art and bringing it into the physical world and that’s why I will continue to print my photos forever.