Photographers Need For A Website


One of the first steps in becoming a photographer is to put together your portfolio. Now-days, this is not a physical book that you bring with you but a website.

For me, when I first started my journey as a photographer I took the route of signing up with Squarespace to start my online portfolio. In order to be taken seriously in the world you need to have a professional looking website for your work and that’s where I think Squarespace really excels.

Squarespace is an easy place for you to start making a place to keep your photography. For me, it was a matter of being clean, concise, and easy to navigate. If you’re going to have people checking out your work online, you don’t want it to be a chaotic mess. Squarespace makes it pretty simple for you to get a nice clean aesthetic without any experience making a website.

For me, a photographer who focuses mostly on portraits and music, it was important to have specified pages for each of the types of photography I do. When collecting your best work, it makes sense to have less examples than more. There’s no need to have 100 headshots on your portraits page, pick your top 10-15 and constantly update them to show your growth as a photographer.

In 2022, your website is your defacto business card. You want to make sure that people can easily get to where your information is, navigate to the place to contact you, and hopefully book you for work. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of advertising rates online as I think it very easily can eliminate you from a prospective job. The ideal situation is a customer/client reaches out to you after seeing your work and you having the opportunity to pitch them on your services.

There are a bunch of places besides Squarespace that help you easily make a portfolio website. If you want to be taken seriously you need to have a presence on the web beyond just social media. Taking the necessary time to build out your website will be crucial to you eventually booking new business.