My Love For Renting Gear

Categories: Buying Guides

I have been a full time photographer for the last two years. Over that time period I have had the pleasure of shooting almost every single camera maker there is. Over the course of that time period I’ve also had the not so distinct pleasure of having some serious buyers remorse. AKA I’ve bought something I ultimately regretted only to shortly thereafter return it or exchange it for a different camera or system. Let the Unique Photo Rental Department now enter the picture.

It was somewhere in early 2021 when I decided that it was time to replace my system. Let me start out by saying I was by no means unhappy with what I was currently using, it was more a factor of being able to get an upgrade from the capabilities of the system I was using. Having had a serious case of gear acquisition syndrome in the past, I was super happy to learn about the opportunity I had to rent equipment and try it out BEFORE I bought it. I honestly think learning about this has made a serious impact on my gear acquisition syndrome and possibly cured it.

Before diving into a brand new camera system and having to purchase a myriad of a new body, lenses, adapters, batteries, etc. I went to the rental department and picked up the body I was looking at and two lenses. I decided to take the system out with me over the course of the weekend and fully dive into the process of using it. It was over that 48-hour period where I got comfortable with the camera body and lenses and the results they provided. If it weren’t for that 48-hour weekend with the system I’m not sure I would have made the switch.

I want to make the case for everyone to take a rental flier on a new camera or new system if they want to try something different. I’ve had the benefit of trying lots of different cameras, lenses, point and shoots you name it I’ve tried it and it has always been a great experience. The best part about the rentals is that you get to see what you like and don’t like and can then make informed decisions on what to add to your gear!