New Hensel Cito 500 - World's Fastest Compact Flash


new hensel cito 500

The fastest compact flash worldwide – the perfect tool for outstanding pictures

Photography is increasingly becoming more fast-paced: Modern DSLR and EVIL cameras allow fast and continuous shooting required for taking exciting images, especially by fashion and sports photographers. Great, when the flash system used does not slow the photographer down but offers short flash duration times for ‘freezing’ motion and fast flash recycling times for such dynamic continuous shooting!

However, often even still-life photographers need fast flashes, especially for rendering – like in food and cosmetic pictures - water splashes and other fluids in motion in a photographically perfect way.

Hensel, a well-known German manufacturer of high-quality photographic light systems located in Wuerzburg, presents the ultimate tool at photokina 2016: This state-of-the-art compact flash provides flash duration times of 1/2,000-1/100,000 s and flash recycling times from 2 to 40 flashes per second. It is the fastest compact flash worldwide.

Hensel Cito 500

  • Ultra-short flash duration times from 1/2,000-1/100,000 sec. for “freezing” fastest movements
  • Extremely fast flash sequences from 0.5-0.025 sec. , corresponding to 2-40 flashes / sec. for dynamic series
  • Wide setting range cover ing 9 f-stops (500-2 Ws) and thus a multitude of creative options
  • High-quality materials and first-class workmanship
  • Integrated radio sync and remote control for convenient work
  • Integrated freemask receiver for uncomplicated cut-outs
  • Hensel EH quick change connector with a comprehensive selection of light formers
  • Direct display of flash sequence or duration times.
  • Optimum cooling and safety features for trouble-free continuous use
  • Bright 300 W halogen modeling light for directly checking light effects
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

The Hensel Cito 500 allows you to capture series of rapid movement in tack-sharp quality. Thanks to this unique flash, photographers can create outstanding images that rise above the competition. For comparison: even an airplane flying at sonic speed only covers about 3mm in 1/100,000s! Humming birds in hovering flight flap their wings approximately 40 times per second.

Due to special IGBT switching, the flash impulses of the Cito 500 are extremely short: across a wide power range, the light duration time corresponds at t = 0.5 to the values at t = 0.1; the so called afterglow of conventional flash units is prevented. This allows you to take images at all settings that are visibly sharper than with conventional technology. At 62.5 Ws already, the unit reaches the ultra-short flash duration time of 1/20.000s and more than 10 flashes per second – perfect for fastest fashion shoots. The display of the Cito 500 can be switched from flash recycling to directly displaying flash duration times.

The innovative technology of the Cito 500 is based on the experience Hensel has gained in the area of industrial and scientific flash applications. Based on this, the Cito 500 was consistently developed for the most demanding photographic challenges.

Sophisticated construction, best components, and the high-quality, hand-crafted production, make the Hensel 500 perfectly suited for toughest professional use, also as rental. Each unit is hand-assembled in Wuerzburg, individually adjusted and, after successfully passing a test run, delivered to the customer in a high-quality flight case and accompanied by a unique certificate.

The straight forward housing design is not just timeless and attractive; it also simplifies the handling. For reasons of sturdiness and longevity, Hensel largely relies on aluminum and stainless steel instead of plastic.

By purchasing the Hensel Cito 500, demanding photographers and ambitious amateurs purchase the fastest compact flash unit in the world and almost unlimited technical options. And to top things off, working with this uncompromising top-notch product “Made in Germany“ is simply a delight – quality that convinces with every use, every day, and for many years to come.