Fujifilm X-H1's New Features: How Do They Compare?


Fujifilm X-H1 vs X-T2 comparison

The photography world is abuzz about the Fujifilm X-H1, the latest product released by Fujifilm. While the camera has a lot of new features, many wonder if it has enough to surpass the Fujifilm X-T2, which was released just five short months ago. Check out this quick guide in for more details about Fujifilm X-H1 v. X-T2.

The Features

The X-H1 comes with everything users love in the brand but is equipped with quite a few new features as well. Some of the most interesting Fujifilm X-H1 new features include in-body image stabilization, ETERNA film simulation, flickering reduction and a feather-touch shutter button. The water-resistant camera supports X mount lenses and a software system that provides multi-flash light support and a data communications function for the most professional images.

The Fujifilm X-T2 is equipped with Firmware Ver.3.00, which adds extra support to Raw Studio software, enhances the AF-C tracking algorithm and improves the usability of the third-party studio flash controller. Other features include an AF-C custom setting, 4K video recording, a weather-resistant structure and an optional power booster grip. The 24.3MP camera ensures the user captures high-quality images.

The Specs

The Fujifilm X-H1 specs include an incredible 24.3MP and up to 512GB of storage via an SDXC card. Single or continuous autofocus, a 10-second self-timer and 3-inch LCD monitor add to the functionality of this camera. The X-H1 is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and features a battery life of 310 frames or up to 35 minutes of recording. At about a pound and a half, the X-H1 is lightweight enough for a variety of projects.

Like the X-H1, the Fujifilm X-T2 offers 24.3MP, but it only has up to 256GB of storage space via the SDXC card. In addition, the X-T2 is much like the X-H1 in that it offers the same autofocus, self-timer and LCD monitor specifications. Wi-Fi is available but Bluetooth is not an option with this model. In terms of battery life, the X-T2 can shoot up to 340 frames or 40 minutes of video. At just over one pound, this camera easily fits into a bag for on-the-go photography.

So, what's the verdict? With such similar features, it comes down to a few decisions. How much weight do you want to carry? How important are the extra five minutes of recording time? Do you need more storage space? With a $500 price difference in favor of the X-T2, the key may be how much you're willing to spend. If you need more help, Unique Photo can help. We provide a wide variety of Fujifilm products for you to check out.