Earth Day Special: Nature Photography Tips

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Earth Day Special: Nature Photography Tips

Are you interested in nature photography? Have you ever come across breathtaking natural wonders and wanted to capture them? Before you can even question how photographers do it, here is a chance to learn the latest nature-photography tips and tricks. You may be an amateur or an experienced photographer, but some fundamentals of landscape photography will stay with you forever. Whether it is the sky, birds, animals, humans, trees, or any other landscape, you can improve your Earth Day pictures by following these nature photography tips given below.

Nature photography tips | Unique Photo

  • Pre-visualize

You don’t have to be a magician for this. The first rule of nature photography is to pre-visualize what you are trying to capture. Let your imagination reflect in the images. Go around and take sample shots by shooting hand-held or moving around. Try taking several photos until you are sure about the balanced composition of foreground and background elements. Once you have found the best position, make sure you keep your camera in the exact spot and use the tripod before you shoot. Celebrate Earth Day 2015 by pre-visualizing your images before you click them.

  • Composition

Nature Photography tips | Unique Photo

One of the most valuable tips for nature photography is composition. It is a simple rule that you would have to apply each time you click pictures. Divide your frame into imaginary sections on both the horizontal and vertical axes. You never know how quickly you could just create a masterpiece.

  • Use the lowest practical ISO

Using the lowest ISO is one of the best nature-photography tips that every photographer should keep in mind. You would observe that the ISO number of photographic film and image sensors relates to their sensitivity to light. A high ISO number means less light is required for your desired image. You will witness that a fast shutter speed is often needed to capture the quick movements of wildlife.

  • Shoot in RAW mode

Nature photography Tips | UniquePhoto

Shooting in RAW mode is one of the highly recommended nature-photography tips if you wish to click Earth Day pictures. Always shoot RAW files when taking landscape photographs. This feature allows you to improve the quality and edit your original images.

  • Depth of field


In order to get sharper images, you would have to ensure that the entire scene appears in focus. You can select a narrow aperture of f/16 or f/22 to get maximum depth of field. With the help of this depth of field, you can focus one-third into the scene to ensure your photos are acceptably sharp from the foreground to the horizon.

  • Make most of the light available


Sometimes, you have the perfect background and equipment ready, but the low-lit environment seems to play spoilsport. Try experimenting with the light source. Early-morning sunrises along with late-evening sunsets are perfect. They produce softer, extra-colorful light with longer shadows, which tend to give your landscape shots extra depth and dimension.

  • Zoom lens

You would have to keep a distance between you and your subject. So ensure that you choose the right zoom lens to get a clear view of your subject. Shooting landscapes gets easier with a wide-angle zoom lens..

  • Tripod


Are you looking for the best nature photos? Then make sure you carry your tripod along with you every time. One of the best nature-photography tips is to use the tripod. You would often find yourself shooting landscapes in low light, with shutter speeds too slow to shoot hand-held, without risking camera shake. So, in order to gain the best results, find the lightest and most compact tripod that is sturdy enough to handle your camera set-up.

  • DSLR bag

Buy a sturdy bag that accommodates all your essential photography gear. You can consider a lightweight, semi-weatherproof or a water-resistant bag.

Now, the next time you head out for landscape photography; do remember these handy nature-photography tips. Use these tricks to create spectacular images with a unique twist.