Behold the 41 Megapixel...Wristwatch


Behold the 41 Megapixel...Wristwatch

Abandon ship. They've officially stuffed too many megapixels into the hull of something that most likely will never, ever possibly need it. The Hyetis Crossbow is a 41MP camera disguised as an obtrusive wristwatch. Although the size of the sensor isn't stated we can assume it's going to be fairly tiny, meaning that it will utilize pixel over-sampling. Essentially it's many smaller pixels working together to create an extremely detailed 5MP image. Other features are a Zeiss lens with optical zoom and integrated ring flash. On top it features a high resolution color display to show a light meter, GPS position, temp, altitude, depth, and biometric info...Considering the watch interacts with smart phones it will most likely incoming calls, texts, status updates...

No word on if it will actually tell you the time.

The Crossbow should go on sale later on in the year and is priced at a whopping $1,200...It seems like we are now in the year of "smart"...what are they going to make smart next...glasses? Oh wait.