2023 Photo Expo Lineup

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Written by Brittany G.

The Unique Photo - Photo Expo is a multi-day event that brings together photography enthusiasts, professionals, industry experts, and leading photography brands. Our event showcases the latest in photography and video equipment, offers educational opportunities, and provides a platform for networking and community engagement.

Our 2023 Photo Expo will be looking at a large variety of classes and instructors that will be sharing their experience and knowledge with attendees. The list below is a quick outline guide based on topics that will be covered in each session. If you want to narrow down some classes you may want to attend, check out this guide to see what classes may interest you! 

Action Photography This class focuses on fast shutter for moving subjects
Creative Concepts Topics involve specialty concepts, out-of-the-box ideas, or techniques for creative content
Lighting Techniques Topic focuses on lighting techniques and lighting solutions
Post Production Topic focus on post-production techniques like editing or workflow
Pre to Post Information in the class will include pre production to post production tips and tricks
Animal Photography Topic focus on capturing animal photography and techniques to utilize in the field
Business Tips/Tricks Information in the class will include business centric tips for attendees to utilize or sharing of techniques to use for your own business or to create one
Wedding Photography Topics and discussion either directly involves wedding photography or aligns with wedding centric discussions (i.e. engagement photography)
Video Concepts Information and discussion in the class will be videography centric, with direct video work or influence from video work


This list below will provide clickable links to each class for more information on the class availability and times. Each listing will provide information on the instructor of the class featuring some of their portfolio work.


No Fear Studio Basics

Lightroom Library Module Basics

Fantasy Shoot from Concept to Fruition

Photographing Foxes

Lightroom Develop Module Basics

How to Become a Standout 2nd Photographer

Photoshop Tool Palette Basics

Breaking into Filmmaking

Landscapes: To the Horizon and Beyond

Photoshop Layers & Filters Basics

Crafting Cinematic Images

Home Studio Speedlight Setup

Capturing Dance Movement

Cinematic Lighting

Growing your Wedding Photography Business

Disc Dogs in Action

Fashion Lighting 1,2,3

Hybrid Content

Creative Storytelling

Intro to Concert Photography

Mock Engagement Shoot

Renaissance Editing Techniques

For the Love of Large Prints & Pixel Peeping

Not Your Average Portrait Class

Master Lighting for Weddings & Commercial

Music Photography Tips & Tricks

Fashion & Lifestyle Photography Techniques

A Guide to Better Travel Photos

Capturing Dance Movement Through Photography

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about this year's Photo Expo, CLICK HERE where you'll find our full weekend class schedule, portfolio reviews, sponsors, and more!

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