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Here at Unique Photo, we can help you get the best value for your used and old camera gear.

Stop by our Fairfield, NJ or Philadelphia, PA locations and get a quote in-store or contact us by phone or email.

Email: [email protected]



If you're not local or would prefer to get a quote online first, you can fill out the trade-in form below and one of our trained professional consultants will contact you within 2 business days.

To ensure you get the best and most accurate appraisal quote, please be sure to describe the condition your gear is in, including any dents, scratches, and dirt.


Once your items are evaluted and you've accepted the final offer, you can choose to receive your payment in one of two ways:

Get paid on the spot in-store or receive it by mail.

You'll receive an extra 10% bonus value on your appraisal if you choose store credit.


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To begin the trade-in process or to find out what it's worth, fill in the form below taking care to describe the condition your gear is in. To ensure the best appraisal estimate, make sure to note any scratches, dents, or dirt you can find.

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Trade-In F.A.Q.

You can submit your equipment via email to trades@uniquephoto, by filling out our online form, or by store walk-in at our Fairfield, NJ and Philadelphia, PA locations.

We do not require a scheduled appointment to review your equipment. A trades consultant is always available in-store so feel free to drop by at any time during our operating hours.

We will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label for you to send us your gear. Once we receive and inspect your equipment in person, we will offer a final quote.

Once we've received your gear, we will thoroughly evaluate your equipment and offer a final quote. If agreed, we will mail you a check for the amount agreed upon. Store credit is added onto your account &; will only be available to use in-store or over the phone.

We DO take:
· DSLR Cameras
· Mirrorless Cameras
· Lenses
· 35mm/medium/large format film
· Speedlights
· Pro Video Cameras

We DO NOT take:
· Studio Lighting
· Bags
· Tripods

You can choose to receive either check, or store credit for your trades. We offer 10% bonus when choosing store credit.

No, we do not offer cash as a payment choice. If you are shipping us your item you will receive a check in the mail for your equipment or store credit depending on which choice is selected.

We cover all shipping costs & your items are insured for the price we quote.

All trades are final once you've agreed to the final quote price.

A: We will rate your equipment condition as "Like New", "Excellent", "Good", "Fair", or "As Is". We do not accept broken or non-working equipment. We do not factor in shutter actuations in our offer. Please view our Terms & Conditions for more details on what each condition grade entails.

Grade Scale for Used Equipment

Like New: Equipment rated as "Like New" will show no signs of prior use. These items are considered to be anywhere from 95-100% of their original condition. Items in "Like New" condition will not have any wear, scratches, be free of dust and/or haze, and will come with the original accessories.

Excellent: Equipment rated as "Excellent" will show almost no signs of prior use. These items are considered to be anywhere from 90-95% of their original condition. Camera bodies will have only the most minor/small marks on the LCD that will not impact viewing ability at any brightness level. Camera bodies only show minor signs of use with no fatigue on the rubber grips. There may be very minor markings on the bottom of the camera from being mounted on a tripod. Lenses rated as "Excellent" have practically no wear on the housing and the glass elements are in pristine condition with no dust, scratches, or markings. The lens (mount) itself will show almost no signs of being attached to a camera.

Good: Equipment rated as being in "Good" condition will have a small amount of cosmetic wear and some blemishes from regular use. Equipment rated as "Good" will be anywhere from 80-90% of it's original condition. Cameras may have small scratches on the LCD, some marking on the bottom of the body, and/or minor wear on the rubber grips. Lenses may have slight scratches on the housing, but the glass elements are unmarked and very clean. Zoom and focus rings may show minor signs of fatigue and/or oxidation.

Fair: Equipment rated as "Fair" will show cosmetic wear and marks from being used. "Fair" equipment is considered to be in 70-80% of the condition it came in originally. However the equipment is still in full good working order. Cameras may have dents, dings, and/or scratches. Rubber grips may show heavy signs of use and/or reattachment. Lenses in "Fair" condition may have cosmetic wear on the lens housing. Glass elements may have cleaning marks, small scratches, or dust, but not enough to impact image quality. Zoom and focusing rings on lenses rated as "Fair" will have signs of use and/or oxidation.

As Is: Equipment rated as "As Is" may or may not be in a working condition. Items in "As Is" condition may have dents, scratches, cracks, and/or may need repair. These items are sold without a 90 day warranty, and are non returnable. If there are any questions pertaining to a specific item, please call (973-377-2007).

We require a government issued photo I.D. with EVERY trade-in. (Passport, Driver's License, etc.)

For service of any used item purchased from Unique Photo within the warranty period, please send the product, in an insured and traceable fashion, to:

Unique Photo
Attn: Service Dept
123 US Hwy 46
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Please be sure to include your return and contact information, and a brief description of the issue. For warranty consideration, please also include a copy of your original proof of purchase. Unique Photo makes every effort to turn address service issues as quickly as possible. The normal turnaround time is approximately three weeks. However, parts delays are out of our control, and can occasionally cause a delay. We ask that you please consider the time frame when sending in equipment for repair.

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123 US Hwy 46 (West)
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(973) 377-2007


28 South 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 608-2222

[email protected]
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