Where Life Takes You

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It was when I was a young college student working towards a degree at Essex County College back in 1981. I didn’t know my f-stops from my aperture. (Huh?)However, I had a burning desire to express myself through photography and nothing could stop me. That’s when my photography professor, Professor Picket, told me about a wholesale warehouse in Orange, NJ. Supposedly it was the best place to buy film and darkroom equipment. That was my first experience with Unique Photo.

It was a warehouse all right. A dark brick building with loading docs and what appeared to be abandon truck trailers backed up to them. There was a small reception area off to the side and that’s where walk-in customers would go to place their orders.

It didn’t much matter who was at the reception desk, they were always pleasant. Yet somehow I always got the feeling that I had better know exactly what I wanted when I walked in. There was little to nothing on display but anything and everything photographic was available. The receptionist would eagerly take my order and a “runner” would get me my items and bring them to me. It seemed a little convert but I never asked any questions. After all, they really did have the absolute best prices.

That was almost thirty years ago and I’ve been a customer of Unique Photo ever since. I continued to shop with them when they moved to Florham Park, NJ and I stayed loyal making the trek to Fairfield, NJ.

Who knew? I look around now. Who knew that today I would have the distinction of being a working photographer earning a living from my images? Who knew that I would be a sales associate in the Unique Photo Store? Who knew I would have the honor and privilege of coordinating the education at Unique University? I knew. Its the life I created.

It's a much different company today, and for the better. The service is still impeccable. And now there is a wonderful store with a grand showroom. The sales staff is not only knowledgeable about the products but they are knowledgeable about the industry as well. And the course curriculum at Unique University just keeps getting better with wonderful instruction (if I do say so myself) and wonderful hands-on applications.

So it just goes to show you that you can create where life will lead you. With my oldest daughter having graduated from college and a son about to enter college I can say to them with conviction, you can cause your life exactly as you envision it. You can create where your life will lead you. And as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”