Travel Photography – What to Take and How!

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It’s often intimidating or frustrating trying to get ready for a trip. Photographers have so much gear and could end up with a 100 lb bag if they are not careful.  We hope to alleviate some of that frustration and help you bring only what is necessary and what will be helpful to have out in the field.
Camera body
Extra Camera body: Not a must, but if you have one to bring, it's a good idea. You don’t want to have a camera break on your big trip and be stuck with nothing!
3-5 Lenses: You want to be able to cover a wide variety: Wide-angle, Scenic & Street scenes, Portraits, 400mm+ for wildlife. This will depend on the tour you are doing also. A general rule is to try to cover somewhere from 17mm to 400mm if you can, without any gaps in between. Obviously, there are specialty lenses that are better for specific things.
Memory Cards: You can not have enough memory cards. The last thing you want is to have all your cards full while you’re watching a lion on the attack and miss all those pictures!! That being said, we like to keep our memory cards no bigger than 8 gigs. It is better to have more cards and swap them out than risk a card failure and lose all your images that are on ONE CARD!
Card Reader & Adapters: It’s a good idea to empty your cards each night after a day full of shooting. Which brings us to our next 2 items…
Laptop or Netbook: A laptop is a great tool to have. You will be able to look at and work on your new favorite images from the day of shooting. It’s always exciting to get to your hotel room and look them over. We also do group critiques every so often during a photo tour, so its nice to be able to work on the images and share them with the group. If you’re worried about lugging around a laptop you should consider a “Netbook” . They are considerably smaller and lightweight, but still perform like a regular laptop.
External Portable Hard Drive: Often times our laptops fill up faster than we anticipate, so it’s a good idea to have somewhere else to put your images. 250-500 gigs is a good size, and can be found at a reasonable price. These external hard drives come very small and you want to find one that is very durable.
Flash & Accessories: A Speedlight is a great thing to have to add a little light to those scenes that are just too dark. They are great for portraits too.
Sensor Swabs
Lens cloths
Batteries: You should always have an extra battery or two for your SLR. You don’t want to lose it or run out of juice while out in the field. Also AA rechargeable batteries are always a good idea also, for your Speedlight.