Nikon 10.5mm AF f2.8 G DX IF-ED Fisheye Lens

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The Nikon 10.5mm AF f2.8 G IF-ED Fisheye Lens is a specialized optic encompassing a 180 degree rectulangular angle of view. Equivalent to a 16mm focal length on 35mm, this is not a lens you would leave on your camera for everyday use, but rather employ for special effects to produce unique and creative images.

This Fisheye is sharp. Resolution figures are extremely high at f2.8 and stay that way through f8. This is true for the borders as well as the corners of the image. Minimum focus distance is 51/2 inches and at f22 hyperfocal distance is approximately 10 inches, so everything 5 inches to infinity is in focus.

The lens is extremely small and lightweight about the same size as a 50mm f1.8 lens, so its easily carried. Build quality is high justifying the 600.00 price tag of the lens.

The Nikon 10.5mm works great for landscapes, and even some portraits. If you are careful in composing your images the fisheye distortion is not that noticeable, especially for landscapes.

If you have not used a fisheye before it will take some time and planning to learn how to use one. My first few hours photographing with the 10.5mm resulted in many dissapointing images. After some practice and experimentation I was able to produce some very nice photographs.

Some photographers think of fisheye lenses as expensive toys and dismiss them completely. I could not disagree more with this categorization. If you can afford one, the fisheye lens will become one of your favorites.