New Instax Mini 90

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Japan announces a new Instax Mini for those craving a little more style and elegance in their instant photo cameras. With advanced features such as a 10-second exposure, multiple exposures, and shutter speeds of up to 1/400 of a second, the Instax Mini 90 targets both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts alike.

Here are a few upgrades the Instax Mini 90 offers:

  • Double Exposure Mode - Allows users to combine two different images in a single frame by pressing the shutter twice.
  • Bulb Mode - For photographing light trails and night scenes. Allows user to shoot up to 10 second exposures and shutter speeds up to 1/400 of a second.
  • Kid Mode - Lets users shoot moving objects with a clean and sharp result.
  • Macro Mode - For shooting close-ups at 30cm-60cm.
  • Party Mode - For cleaning and brightening subject background.

This feature-rich model also uses a li-ion battery instead of AA.  An added hole for tripods provides successful results on Bulb Mode and camera strap slits gives the user more ease for transportation. The Instax Mini 90 still uses the same Instax Mini film which measures a tiny 2.13x3.4 inches. The camera is said to release in the USA sometime in Spring 2014 at $210. For more details check out the Japanese Fujifilm site: