Is Anti-Blur Coming to Photoshop?

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Is Anti-Blur Coming to Photoshop?

I really gotta hand it to Thomas Knoll et al., the folks at Adobe, for developing Photoshop over the years. I couldn't solve a quadratic equation if my life depended on it, and these guys are using mathematics to create such brilliant tools as "Content Aware" fill and the "Spot Healing" brush to save photographers from multitudes of headaches. Now, it looks like they're going to save us from many more aches and pains by removing image blur.

The exact science behind it is a bit cloaked, but it appears you'll simply select an area to fix and select the correction from the filter menu, much like any other piece of Photoshop magic that's out there. While the details are scant, I have faith that Thomas Knoll and his crew of image boffins will make this work. Let's keep an eye on this, yes?