DIY Flash Bounce Modifier

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DIY Flash Bounce Modifier

Wouldn't it be cool if you download a flash modifier straight to your flash unit? Imagine an instant portable gridded octobox with CTO correction gel, easily downloaded with just a WiFi connection. Well, we're really far from that sort of crazy future. For now you can download a template for a simple little flash bounce diffuser...No expensive name brand Tupperware required. All you have to do is cut a little here, fold a little there and presto: You have a pretty nice bounce card that's extremely portable and costs next to nothing. 

Bounce-Card-Flash-Diffuser-Nikon Update: The original template was made by Darel Parker

I suppose this could be used for any kind of speedlight...but then again it would look a little goofy on a Canon system, so I switched up the original design for the Canon user who needs a little bounce in their life.

Via Nikon Rumors