Canon 60D Spyshots Leaked!?

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my rendering of a 60D, not a spyshot!


If you read my post on potential upcoming Canon products last week, you noticed I explicitly mentioned that all photos I posted were simple photoshop renderings and NOT spyshots.

Well it looks like Canonrumors has obtained two very authentic looking shots of the soon to be released Canon EOS 60D.  Let's take a look at what we can gather from these grainy, blurry spyshots!

Is this a leaked picture of the new Canon 60D? PHOTO CREDIT: CANONRUMORS.COM
Is this a leaked picture of the new Canon 60D? PHOTO CREDIT: CANONRUMORS.COM
To me these photos appear to be authentic, there are no apparent artifacts (see my poorly photoshoped rendering up top) and the noise and lack of sharpness make it seem like this is a TIGHT crop from a larger photo.  Either that or they were taken with a cell phone.  Here are the interesting points I notice right away about the 60D
Articulating Screen: I anticipated that the 60D would NOT have an articulating screen, looks like I was wrong here!  In order to achieve this it seems like several of the buttons on the back of the camera have been moved.
Form Factor: Wow the shape of this camera is different than the 50D.  It is hard to judge when not next to another camera, but it appears to be closer in size to a Nikon D90.  Ergonomically (in terms of the curves and grip) it looks similar to a 7D.
Buttons/Controls:  Radically different than any Canon DSLR ever!  The menu, playback, direct print (it will never go away!), and info button have been moved to the right side of the camera.   The delete/trash button is the only one that appears to be remaining on the left side of the camera.  There is a Q (Quick Menu) button on the right side as well.  Like the 7D the on/off switch is now by the shooting mode dial on top of the camera.  The LV/Video Quick Start button is also in the same place as the 7D
Stay tuned for rumors and news as it breaks! Here is the link to the original post on!