Camera Club Extravaganza: April 16th – 20th at Unique Photo!

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In addition to raffles, rebates, and savings, the classes below are FREE for camera club members!
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(6 - 8pm) Capturing the Complete Outdoor Image w/ Adam Barker
During this 2-hour seminar, professional photographer Adam Barker will focus on numerous photographic components including equipment, technique, and creative vision. Barker will also provide detailed instruction on the use of landscape filters and how they help to overcome challenging exposures and ensure bold color and rich detail at the time of capture.

(11 - 1pm) Tamron: Exploring Digital Black and White w/ Ken Hubbard
Tamron's Ken Hubbard will demonstrate techniques using both Photoshop and Nik Sliver Efex Pro, helping you create the best possible B&W; images. Ken will also teach you printing techniques for digital B&W; images, which will include printer and paper selection.
* Attend this class for 1 ticket for the Tamron 18-270mm Lens Raffle!

(3 - 5pm) Tamron: Travel and Landscape w/ Ken Hubbard
From the first steps of setting up and evaluating your scene all the way to the final output in print, Tamron's Ken Hubbard will discuss how to make the most of a somewhat less than ideal situation. This seminar is meant to improve your images from a quick snapshot to images you will want to frame and put on a wall or gallery.
* Attend this class for 1 ticket for the Tamron 18-270mm Lens Raffle!

(7:00am) Meet-Up at The Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge
Consisting of 7,768 acres of varied habitats, the refuge has become home to many species of wildlife. Simply show up at the refuge and meet up with Michael Downey and Tamron's Ken Hubbard for a few relaxing hours of photographing on the trails. Free Tamron loaner lenses will be available.
* Attend this class for 1 ticket for the Tamron 18-270mm Lens Raffle!
(1 - 3pm) Tamron: Fundamentals of Creative Lighting w/ Andre Costantini
Register for this informative creative light lecture and demonstration with Tamron's Andre Costantini and you will gain the practical knowledge and fundamental skills to see and capture the light you wish for on your subjects. You will also get an understanding of what instruments are needed to create such images.
* Attend this class for 1 ticket for the Tamron 18-270mm Lens Raffle!

(6 - 8pm) Understanding Your DSLR II w/ Michael Downey
Understanding the basics of exposure and metering are the building blocks to becoming a good photographer. University Head Instructor Michael Downey will teach these fundamental basics of photography, including the relationship between f-stops and shutter speeds, as well as understanding the positives and negatives of ISO/ASA sensitivity with your image sensor.