New Life for the Monopod

Categories: Tech Talk Tips

A camera support system (tripod, monopod, car window mount, bean bag) is necessary to achieve the critical sharpness required for professional level photography. Professional outdoor photographers as well as advanced amateurs are well aware of this fact and rarely if ever shoot an image without supporting their cameras with one of these devices.

Recent technological advances such as the introduction of digital imaging sensors with low noise levels at high ISO's, and new and improved image stabilized and vibration reduction lenses has lessened, but have not eliminated the need for the traditional camera support system as described above.

Like most serious photographers, I still use a tripod for the majority of my work. Recently, I acquired a Gitzo model 2541 monopod to use with a Nikon D300 camera and a Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR lens. After a few weeks of field work with this monopod, I can report this was one of the best purchases I have made.

The monopod, once thought of by many photographers as a poor substitute for a tripod is becoming more popular than ever before. Using a monopod enables a photographer to gain two faster shutter speeds of stability over handholding their equipment. A monopod, combined with a recent DSLR possessing low noise at high ISOs and an image stabilized or vibration reduction lens is a killer combination for photographing sports, action, travel, and fast moving wildlife.

The Gitzo 2541 is made with carbon fibers and weighs less than 1 Lb. The model 2541extends to 63" in height and can hold up to 26 lbs. of equipment.

When I'm traveling or going on a hike, the monopod is the first piece of equipment I pack. The Gitzo 2541 is lightweight, quick to operate, built to last, and is a pleasure to use.