Fuji FP-100C Film Buying Guide


If you are looking to explore pull-apart film in your photography, you need to understand the cameras and techniques that use Fuji FP-100c pull-apart film.

It’s been a few years since Fujifilm stopped manufacturing its classic FP 100c film, but there are still plenty of sources around if you know where to look. Since all of the remaining Fuji polaroid film supplies are in limited supply and proper storage is key to keeping its quality intact, not every source is the same. If you are looking for Fuji FP-100c that has been handled with care to preserve its quality, we have options available for you.

Of course, finding a supplier with a high quality stockpile of Fujifilm is not the only important thing you need to know. It’s also important to understand how you should store your FP-100c film to keep its performance optimal, as well as how much you should order at any one time.

Polaroid Film Camera
Polaroid’s Land Camera
Named after the company’s CEO, Edwin Land, this camera was the original model of the famous Polaroid cameras for self-developing film. It used a pull-apart film as its basis, which is why the Fuji film is such a great choice for your Land camera. Since the advent of digital photography, this point-and-shoot classic has become an antique that is in high demand among collectors, artists, and classic photography aficionados.

Other Options for Peel-Apart Film
Polaroid manufactured several models that still used peel-apart film to produce pictures that are ready almost instantly before they moved on to a film format that still produced pictures on the spot, but that used a chemical developmental process that did not require the peeling. During the heyday of peel-apart film, though, many competitors to Polaroid started making cameras that used the film. If you are looking for options for your camera collection, you might consider investing in one of these solutions.

Techniques You Can Use Fuji FP-100c to Master
There are a number of unique photographic effects you can achieve through the application of techniques that are unique to peel-apart film. The higher quality the film you use, the better the results tend to be, which is why using Fujifilm is highly recommended by intermediate and advanced photographers who already use them.

  • Image transfers
  • Emulsion lifts
  • Bleached negatives
  • Scanned negatives

Some of these techniques will involve learning some photographic chemistry, but others are as simple as drying your negative and then scanning it on a flatbed scanner.

The camera you use and the particular film you choose create the image when you use traditional photography instead of digital options. That’s why it is important to do your research and to understand the way various products perform in the field. When it comes to Fuji FP-100c film, you are getting one of the best known names in the industry’s landmark product, which means you can count on its performance as you move from camera to camera.

This gives you a great opportunity to explore the performance of a variety of cameras that make use of peel-apart film as you work with the film, opening up not only new techniques, but new ways of exploring them to beautiful effect. The first step is locating a source for discontinued Fuji film, though. Luckily, Unique Photos has a supply you can count on.

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