Comparing Negative Supply vs Lomography at Home Scanners

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Earlier this week we looked at Negative Supply's suite of at home film scanning products. Today we're going to compare it with the Lomography DigitaLIZA Max smartphone scanner. 

The Lomography DigitaLIZA Max scanner is an all-in-one modular system for scanning with your smartphone. It features a built in illuminated scanning dock capable of scanning 35mm and 120, and 127 negatives. There are a couple of things to love about the Lomography scanner: first the price, and second the size. The system is modular and super compact and easy to use. Taking scans with your smartphone would seem impossible as early as a few years ago but with the ever updating capabilities of phone cameras this is now a reality. Secondly, the price. At just $99 the DigitaLIZA Max scanner is incredibly affordable. There are some glaring weakness with the Lomography but I will get into that in a minute. 

With the Negative Supply at home setup, you're paying a bit of a premium price wise to have something capable of holding your mirroless or DSLR camera. This setup offers a gigantic benefit in scanning resolution capabilities. Obviously the sensor utilized in your DSLR or mirrorless camera is going to completely blow your iPhone or Android device camera out of the water, ultimately offering a higher resolution scan of the negatives. 

To me, there are two options here, one is the professional capabilities you get with the Negative Supply unit, and the other is the novelty at home scan possibilities with the Lomography. Hobbyists are the target audience for the DigitaLIZA Max scanner and that shows in both its capabilities and price. With the Negative Supply set up, you're really giving yourself the possibility to get lab quality scans at home, and for me that makes the Negative Supply setup the right choice. 



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