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We carry all of the top brands at Unique Photo such as Aputure, Light & Motion, Nanlite, Hensel, Westcott, Profoto, and many more.

Lighting and studio accessories form an extremely vital cog in your photography equipment. While choosing the most necessary photo studio accessories for outdoor shoots due to space constraints, any credible photographer would primarily consider the exact lighting accessories he'd require for the shoot. These could include video lighting kits, photography lighting kits, reflectors and umbrellas, photo studio lighting, photography background stands, and other sundry studio equipments. Unique Photo supplies a wide array of kits for lighting and other high-end photography equipment from a plethora of world-renowned camera equipment manufacturing companies such as Aputure, Light & Motion, Nanlite, Hensel, Westcott lighting, Profoto, and others. While endeavoring to achieve a constant light source, ensure that you choose the right photography lighting kit according to your requirements and the demands of a particular shoot. Factoring in the location of the shoot, you might have to go for an outdoor light kit or an indoor lighting kit. You can be guaranteed that photography light kits and other lighting accessories augment the quality of images captured by your camera.

Unique Photo carries an exuberant amount of lighting and studio products to suit all of your lighting needs.

Some of our products include photography studio equipment, studio strobe systems, as well as many other lighting accessories.