Hoya is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and indispensable optical products. Started in 1941 as an optical glass production plant in the city of HOYA, Tokyo, it has advanced as a high-tech optics manufacturing company. With more acquisitions of companies in the field of the optical industry, this company has grown not only stronger, but has also carved a name for itself in the global market. Hoya Corporation has many business domains under their hood. Their line of interests includes eyeglass lenses, surgical instruments, UV/ laser equipment, surgical optics and many more. With operations in more than 30 countries worldwide, Hoya filters are delivered by KenkoTokina Co. Ltd. With expertise in research, know-how and precision facilities, this company makes inimitable lens filters of high-quality. Investing great care in the production, only the finest materials are used in the processing. Using highly sophisticated equipment, these filters are manufactured and polished with high-speed, double-surface polishing machines for a perfect quality. Every filter produced by them is subjected to rigorous quality tests before being shipped for the customers. A wide range of filters made by them include HD filters, ND filters, colored filters, special effects filters, infrared filters and UV filters. These filters help in balancing the light, neutralizing the colors, and also cutting out the UV and IR lights. Hoya filters are considered the best when it comes to the development of a new innovative product. The company’s development and production of innovative high-quality products has made them the leader in this industry. Unique Photo offers their complete range of lens filters under one roof. This makes it easy for the users to choose precise filters from the comfort of their home. Unique Photo also provides the best deals and offers for these products, which is an added benefit to the customers.

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