Hot Shoe Adapters

Hot Shoe adapters are utilized as mounting points atop a camera for easily affixing a flash unit and other types of compatible camera peripherals. The hot-shoe displays a design akin to an inverted, square shaped, metallic "U". In the middle of the "U" section of the hot shoe is a metallic contact point. This contact point of the hotshoe is adept at syncronizing standard as well as brand independent flash units. Usually the metallic portion of the HS adapter and the metallic region of the contact point are necessarily sequestered from one another. Whenever the flash needs to be operated, the metal sections of the hot shoe adapter and the contact point of the flash unit are shorted with each other. This creates a circuit between the hot-shoe adapter and the flash unit that eventually enables the flash to function smoothly. Make sure that you choose your hotshoe adapter only from reputable brands such as Canon hot shoe adpaters, Kalt hot shoe adapters, and Nikon hot shoe adapters. Unique Photo offers a wide selection of hotshoe adapters ranging from Canon shoe adapters to shoe adapters from many other well-known brands.

Unique Photo carries a full line of Hot Shoe Adapters by Canon, Kalt, Nikon, and many more.

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