Film Cameras

Unique Photo carries a full line of film cameras by Fuji Film Instax, Lomography, Leica and more.

Film cameras and film supplies are best suited for film-making and certain areas of highly professional cinematography. They are adept at shooting gorgeous mobile pictures with astounding professionalism. Though most people prefer digital cameras these days, and there's no denying that nowadays digital cameras are equipped with high resolution lenses and advanced sensors. But it goes without saying that even the cheapest film cameras would put the best digital cameras in the shade as far as color representation, image clarity, and frame to frame transition are concerned. Fujifilm Instax, and Fujifilm Instax mini are among the best brands of film cameras in the market nowadays. Besides, a Fujifilm Instax camera, a simple Polaroid instant camera or a more common Fuji instant camera could also serve your purpose, if you are not keen on investing too much in a film camera. A Fuji Polaroid film reel should be ideally used along with the aforementioned cameras while shooting. It is prudent to assess film cameras for their prices and features, to ascertain which kind would be the perfect fit for your budget and needs. While processing the film reel that has been used to shoot along with your Fuji Instax, it's essential that you utilize some reliable form of processing paper such as Fuji paper.

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