UUOnline Mentoring: Intro to Astrophotography with Temu Nana

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Join Unique Photo and Temu Nana for an online mentoring workshop that will cover everything you'll need to begin shooting and editing night sky and astrophotography images. From simple starscapes to Milky Way and composite star trail images, you'll learn how to capture them all! Specific topics include:

· Required—as well as recommended—equipment
· Preparing for a night shoot (planning/packing)
· Camera settings (exposure and non-exposure)
· How to focus and frame at night
· Evaluating on-site and adjusting settings
· Post-processing techniques in Adobe
· Understanding star trail planning
· Creating timelapse videos from star trail files

WEDNESDAYS (2pm - 3:30pm EDT)
Session 1: September 16th
Session 2: September 23rd
Session 3: September 30th
Session 4: October 7th
Session 5: October 14th

BONUS PERSONAL REVIEW: Each student will also get a 30-min online one-on-one session that can be taken any time during the rest of the year.

BE PREPARED: Students should be familiar with the main exposure settings (shutter speed, ISO, aperture), understand their relationship to each other, and be able to use their camera on "Manual". A working understanding of photographic terms/language is expected. Proficiency in Lightroom is suggested, and basic familiarity with Photoshop will be helpful.

HOW TO WATCH: Registrants will receive a Zoom invite the day of each session. As sessions are completed, they will become viewable as recorded videos under your "Unique University Online" account tab. You can rewatch any sessions at your leisure until a week after the last session.

*Limited to 14 registrants.
*See below for more info on each session.

Available Dates

There are currently no upcoming classes.

Session 1: Wed, September 16th  ••• Basics of Astrophotography  ••• 
We will cover all aspects of equipment, planning, shooting, and how to evaluate images in the field. At the end of this session, students should be able to produce focused, well-framed, and correctly-exposed images of the night sky and a foreground object.

Session 2: Wed, September 23rd  ••• Basics of Editing  ••• 
We will cover the basics of editing astro photos using both standard image editing software such as Lightroom, as well as more advanced techniques using adjustment layers and masking in Photoshop. At this point, students should be able to take and edit basic starscape and Milky Way photos.

Session 3: Wed, September 30th  ••• Shooting Star Trails  ••• 
We will cover all aspects of equipment, planning, and shooting star trail images. This session will also include a basic understanding of the night sky in the northern hemisphere: using the Big Dipper to locate Polaris, as well as understanding the apparent motion of the stars around Polaris and how this affects our star trail image.

Session 4: Wed, October 7th  ••• Editing Star Trail Photos  •••
We will cover two workflows (and associated software) to make our star trail composite images. The first will be in StarStax, a simple, free program that creates star trails easily but with very little editing control. The second will be in Photoshop, which offers far more editing control but includes a few more steps to create the final composite star trail. Following this session, students should be able to shoot and edit to completion a composite star trail image.

Session 5: Wed, October 14th  ••• Creating Other Media / Misc  ••• 
The final session will discuss how to use the very same base images with which we built our star trails to make a regular time lapse of the night sky, or perhaps a star trail time lapse (also called a "build"). This will be done using a combination of StarStax and Photoshop.
TEMU NANA has been a photographer for over 12 years and has spent much of that time leading small group photographic tours to international destinations on all seven continents.

He has won awards in nationwide competitions for travel and photojournalism, but his true photographic passion is for astrophotography. He began shooting the stars 10 years ago and has since expanded into teaching and educating others about the night sky and how to capture its beauty.

When not traveling for work, he spends clear nights imaging deep space objects with highly specialized equipment. Many of these images have been shared on social media by the country's largest astrophotography accounts.

Temu routinely provides instruction—both in person and online— to experienced "day" photographers who want to conquer the challenges of shooting at night, and he looks forward to sharing what he's learned with you!

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Where are classes held? 
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Will lunch or refreshments be included? 
Lunch and refreshments are not provided for any classes under 6 hours unless noted. 

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