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Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone

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Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone
Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone 0
Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone 1
Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone 2
Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone 3
Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone 4
Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone 5
Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone 6
  • Ideal for Content Creators, Podcasters, and Videographers of all Kinds
  • Designed for Sony Cameras with MI Shoe
  • 2.8" Compact Design
  • 8 Selectable Modes/Pickup Patterns
  • Digital Audio Transmission to Camera
  • 4-Channels for Safety Recordings
  • Cable-Free Operation
  • Advanced Beamforming Technology
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ECM-M1 completely redefines shotgun microphone performance with beamforming technology that provides the world's first eight dial-selectable audio recording modes in a compact microphone with outstanding versatility and audio quality. ECM-M1 easily achieves optimum sound quality in various video shooting situations.

Eight Audio Recording Modes

Beamforming technology combines four discrete microphone capsules with precision algorithms to maximize pickup sensitivity in the desired directions while reducing it in others. The result is an incredibly compact and versatile microphone with high performance even in challenging audio environments.

  • Super-Directional: Records sound from the front clearly and suppresses ambient sound. A great choice for shooting or streaming videos where the subject speaks directly in front of the microphone
  • Uni-Directional: Records sound over a wider area in front of the microphone. Recommended for recording conferences or meetings
  • Omni-Directional: Picks up sound equally from all directions. A good choice when the sound of the surrounding environment is to be recorded
  • Rear Super-Directional: Sound is primarily picked up from the rear of the microhpone, with frontal sound being picked up at a lower level. This mode is useful for shooting scenery while the operator provides narration from behind the camera
  • Front and Rear Super-Directional: Sound is picked up equally from the front and rear of the microphone, along with less sound from the left and right sides. This makes it possible to simultaneously record a subject in front of the camera and the operator speaking from behind it. A good choice for interviews or content creation liek vlogging
  • Separate Front and Rear Super-Directional: Sound is picked up equally from the front and rear in two separate channels, with greater attenuation of sound from the left and right sides. The levels of the front and rear sounds can be adjust after recording, making this mode ideal for post-production editing
  • Stereo: Stereo recording achieves a realistic positioning of the left and right sides within the stereo sound field. Recommended for shooting moving subjects such as cars or trains, and for music or theatrical performances
  • Ultra-Directional:
  • Enables the pickup of target sound from the front (within approximately a 30-degree width) while effectively suppressing the other sound, dynamically adapting to ambient sound in the surroundings. The Ultra-Directional mode is a good choice for shooting scenes such as interviews or selfies where the subject is always in front of the microphone

Simple Controls

Simply turning a dial on the rear of the microphone allows easy, intuitive selection of pickup patterns, and a lock button in the center prevents accidental changes. Other controls are also straightforward and easy to understand and operate.

Digital Noise Cut Filter

The ECM-M1 features a complete digital pathway, from beamforming control, to noise filtering and interfacing with the camera. The result is the clearest sound possible, for everything you capture.

Digital Audio Interface

The digital audio interface offers an all-digital signal path from microphone to camera, avoiding the noise and distortion associated with analogue transmission, and retaining the full benefit of the digital signal processing in the microphone.

Mechanical Noise Suppression

A design that dampens shock and vibration effectively minimizes low-frequency mechanical noises. The absence of connecting cables also means that no noise can be transmitted to the microphone mechanically via cables and connectors.

Windscreen Supplied

The ECM-M1 is supplied with an effective fur-type wind screen, easily detachable, that can reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.

New Compact Lightweight Design

With four mic capsules arranged in a rhombic pattern plus beamforming technology to control directivity, this advanced microphone is remarkably compact and lightweight. It is just 64.4mm x 40mm x 72.2xx in size and weighs a mere 65g.

Shooting Freedom and Mobility

The small size of ECM-M1 keeps the overall system compact for maximum shooting freedom and mobility. It can also be easily added to gimbal or grip mounted rigs and won't extend into the frame with a wide-angle lens. Minimum rear extension means that the microphone won't block the user's face, allowing unrestricted access to the camera viewfinder.

Multi Interface Shoe Support

Multi Interface Shoe support allows the microphone to be connected to the camera without additional batteries or cables. Power is supplied to the microphone from the camera, eliminating the need to charge and monitor a separate battery. And because no cable is required, the camera's vari-angle LCD monitor can be used in any position without interference.

Backup Safety Recording

4-Channel recording with compatible cameras with channels 3 and 4 ideally suited to making backup "safety" recordings. Channel 3 and 4 record safety tracks in omnidirectional mode (fixed for channel 3, and -20dB for channel 4) while the main audio is recorded to channels 1 and 2 using the selected directivity pattern.

Easy Operability

Comprehensive, clearly marked controls make it easy to adjust and confirm all microphone settings.

  • Filter: NC (Noise Cut), LC (Low Cut), or Off
  • ATT: Set to match the source level to be recorded
  • Auto/Man: Select Auto for automatic level adjustment. Select Man when record level is to b adjusted manually via the Audio Level dial
  • Audio Level: Adjusts record level when the Auto/Man switch is set to Man
  • Digital/Analog: Selects digital or analog connection to the camera

Dust and Moisture Resistant Design

The ECM-M1 features a dust and moisture resistant design that allows reliable operation in challenging outdoor conditions.

In the Box

  • Sony ECM-M1 Compact Camera-Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone
  • Furry Windscreen
  • Multi Interface Shoe Cap
  • Storage Pouch

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