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Register for a 1-hour private online session with one of our instructors and get help every step of the way as you work towards achieving your photographic goals! This provides personal instruction that can help you learn how to use your camera, or focus on the area of photography you would like to explore further. Our highly trained photographic staff is ready to cater the session for you, your gear and your specific photographic needs.

Online lessons may take place on Skype, Zoom, or another media platform. The platform and date/time will discussed and decided between you and your instructor.

Video Runtime: 1 Hour
Our Price: $49.00

Online Only

Before or after registering, please send us an email at one-one@uniquephoto.com and provide the following information:

- Name:
- Email:
- Phone:
- Order/Doc # (if you've already paid):
- Camera make/model:
- What you'd like to cover in the session:
- Availability for the next two weeks (or more):
- Additional notes (anything else you want the instructor to know):

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