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  • Moon Photography Seminar and Shoot with Jennifer Khordi

    Class Code: UUU378

    Skill Level: 

    Join Jennifer Khordi as she discusses how she plans and takes her moon photography shots over NYC! This workshop includes both the seminar (UUU376) and on-location shoot.

    Seminar at Unique: Thu, March 22nd (6:30pm - 8:30pm)
    During the presentation, Jennifer will show you her ten favorite moon shots and discuss how she planned each shot using TPE and PhotoPills. She'll also go over her gear, camera settings, and press and exposure. There will be time for a Q&A session, so bring your questions!

    Shoot at Liberty State Park: Sat, March 31st (5:30pm - 9:15pm)
    Rain Date: Sunday, April 1st (6pm - 9:30pm)
    Meet up with Jennifer at Liberty State Park for a hands-on shoot of the second full moon in the month of March! She will quickly review some of the lessons from the seminar, and then teach you how to shoot the moon and Statue of Liberty in one exposure using your camera’s manual functions.

    For the shoot, please bring the following recommended gear: zoom lens of at least 200mm (300mm and more preferred), remote trigger, and a steady tripod (no travel tripods).

    *Limited to 15 registrants.
    *Registrants will receive the $10 token at the seminar.

    Our Price: $125.00
  • Principles of Studio Lighting with John Ricard

    Class Code: UUU469

    John Ricard
    Skill Level: 

    Join professional photographer John Ricard for a workshop that's both fun and informative! With the help of a model, students will have a hands-on opportunity to shoot in each of the lighting setups we create and learn to understand some of the basic principles that will aid you in using artificial lights on-location or in the studio. John will also provide tips on how to pose the model and how the various lighting setups affect the model's posing. For each lighting setup discussed, you'll receive specific info on how you can create the setup with both a large budget and a small budget.

    By the end of the workshop, you will have a good understanding of which modifiers are best suited for your photography and your shooting style. You'll also have a chance to ask any questions you may have about lighting.

    Topics Covered: 
    • Hard vs Soft light 
    • Strobes vs Continuous lighting 
    • Using a Beauty Dish 
    • Using a 7” Parabolic Umbrella

    Our Price: $69.00
  • Photographing Sicily, an Island of Light

    Class Code: UUU457

    David Wells
    Skill Level: 

    Join Unique Photo and Open Sky Expeditions in Sicily, an island of light, on a meticulously crafted itinerary during Holy Week, at the emergence of the spring bloom! Early spring on Italy’s largest island is a time of great vitality. Winter has receded: the almond trees blossom, the scent of orange blossoms fill the air, and fields are alive with pink and purple clover, yellow mustard, blue flax, and bright red patches of poppies. Sicily has woken. The energy is palpable: in the fields, in the cities, and in the incredible warmth of the locals. Tiny plums, cherries, and paschal lambs appear in the display cases of pasticcerias. And in the old quarters of the island’s medieval cities, a week of processions and reenactments culminates in the bright festivities and folk dramas of Good Friday & an Easter Sunday inflected with ancient traditions. Experience the light and warmth of this cultural melting pot of an island on a trip especially designed for the photographer’s eye.

    Included: Comprehensive pre-departure information, accommodations in carefully-selected four star and boutique hotels, meals as indicated in the itinerary, special access to Holy Week events and traditions, all gratuities, plus a complimentary travel wallet and personalized travel notebook with your final documents. Scroll down for all details! 

    Please note that airfare is NOT included with this registration. Our tour operator partner can assist you with booking flights.

    Group is limited to 12 participants. Don't delay in reserving your seat!

    1 for $7,075.00 2+ for $6,485.00
  • *FREE RSVP* Lambertville, NJ Trade-In Event

    Class Code: UUU059

    Skill Level: 

    We want to buy your used cameras and lenses! On Sunday, March 25th, our professional consultants will be at the Lambertville Station Restaurant & Inn (11 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530). Stop by if you're in the area and have your old camera gear evaluated! If you decide to trade-in, you'll receive a check or store credit on the spot.

    Please note that the items below are not applicable for trade-in. This list is not all-inclusive, but serves as a basic guideline.
    • Slide projectors and accessories
    • Darkroom equipment
    • Tripods
    • Video cameras (with the exception of current professional models)
    • Super 8/16mm cameras
    • Lighting equipment
    • Drones
    • GoPro cameras
    • Department store/third party brands
    • Point-and-shoot cameras (with some exceptions)
    • Plastic body film cameras

    *All equipment must be in fully working condition.
    *If you are unsure about something, or have any questions, please contact us ahead of time at

  • Photowalk at the Philadelphia Zoo

    Class Code: UUU443

    Michael Downey
    Skill Level: 

    Join Michael Downey at the Philadelphia Zoo and photograph animals as they exist in a simulated natural environment. Michael will show you techniques for making your image look as if the animals are in the wild, eliminating reflections, glare, and fencing in your shot.

    The day starts with a short 30-minute class and then the trek begins! You can stay with Michael or take your own journey through "the wild". Either way, Michael will be at the zoo until 2:00pm to provide assistance in capturing the images you had hoped for.

    *Registration includes admission to the zoo.
    *Parking ($16) is NOT included.
    *Space is very limited, so register early!

    Our Price: $69.00
  • Creative Lighting Shoot: Speedlights with Rick Friedman

    Class Code: UUU370

    Rick Friedman
    Skill Level: 

    Come join us for a day of creating with speedlights and photographing models! Join award-winning photographer, Rick Friedman, for an intensive full-day, creative speedlight workshop! Whether you are a professional or amateur, you will greatly expand your knowledge of lighting when you learn how to utilize speedlights creativity. You won't want to miss this workshop!

    Topics Covered:
    • How to create interesting portraiture lighting with speedlight on-camera
    • How to create a multiple speedlights set ups
    • How to control your speedlights using modifiers, grip equipment, and radios
    • How to create hard & soft light using softboxes, striplights, reflectors, and grids
    • The use of color gels and projected backgrounds.
    • How to use your in camera light meter and using flash meters
    • Using your speedlights outside, weather permitting
    • The effects of lenses and depth of field in portraiture
    • Mixing ambient light and speedlights

    *Please bring your own camera, lenses, and a speedlight.
    *Attendees must already possess an understanding of ISO, shutter speed, aperture and basic camera functions.

    SAVE $49 when you register for both "Creative Lighting Shoot: Speedlights" (UUU370) and "Advanced Creative Lighting Shoot: Ambient, Speedlights, Strobes" (UUU371)! Add both classes to your cart and the savings will be automatic.
    Our Price: $149.00
  • Advanced Creative Lighting Shoot: Ambient, Speedlights, Strobes with Rick F

    Class Code: UUU371

    Rick Friedman
    Skill Level: 

    Once you've learned how to use your speedlights effectively, join award-winning photographer Rick Friedman as he helps you dive further into the world of creative lighting and its possibilities!

    Topics Covered:
    • Work with studio strobes and portable studio strobes
    • Mix the studio strobes with speedlights
    • Create various lighting situations with professional models
    • Control light with grids, beauty dishes, strip lights, Octas, CineFoil, gaf tape 
    • Add colors and patterns to your photography
    • Create different background with lighting
    • Photographing models outside and inside, weather permitting
    • Mixing ambient light with your strobes.

    *Please bring your own camera, lenses, and a speedlight.
    *Attendees must already possess an understanding of ISO, shutter speed, aperture (f-stop), and the function buttons of speedlights.

    SAVE $49 when you register for both "Creative Lighting Shoot: Speedlights" (UUU370) and "Advanced Creative Lighting Shoot: Ambient, Speedlights, Strobes" (UUU371)! Add both classes to your cart and the savings will be automatic.
    Our Price: $199.00
  • Photographing Washington D.C. Monuments at Night with Michael Downey

    Class Code: UUU408

    Michael Downey
    Skill Level: 

    Bring the whole family and explore Washington DC and the Cherry Blossom Festival during the day, and then photograph the monuments with Michael Downey at night!

    *Meet at The Marriott Residence Inn (1651 Oak St, Arlington, VA) at 5:00pm.
    *Included: Night photography seminar and limo transportation to each attraction on the itinerary during the "DC The Lights!" tour.
    *NOT included: Lodging, food, and transportation to/back from Washington DC.
    *Please bring a tripod and remote shutter release.
    *Details will be sent by Michael via email a day or two prior to the workshop.

    Our Price: $269.00
  • Photography at the Wolf Conservation Center

    Class Code: UUU525

    Michael Downey
    Skill Level: 

    Join Michael Downey for a trip to the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, NY! The WCC is home for up to 30 wolves, four of which are "Ambassadors" whose presence helps visitors understand the importance of wild wolves. In addition, several red and Mexican gray wolves also reside at the center as part of their Species Survival Plan (SSP) program to help conserve threatened and endangered species. You'll have a chance to capture photographs from port holes and an elevated tower.

    Seminar at Unique: Fri, April 20th (6pm - 7:30pm)
    Excursion to WCC: Sun, April 22nd (7:30am - 12:30pm)

    *Transportation is included. Bus will leave from Unique promptly at 7:30am and return at approximately 12:30pm.
    *Limited to 20 registrants.

    Our Price: $189.00
  • How to Photograph Your Pets with Michael Downey

    Class Code: UUU218

    Michael Downey
    Skill Level: 

    Photographing pets in any setting can be challenging. Whether it's indoors with studio lights or outside with natural light, there are always multiple factors to consider. Join Unique University Head Instructor Michael Downey as he shares his secrets for pet photography and teaches you how to photograph your own pets in new and creative ways.

    For the indoor setting, we'll set up inside the classroom with both continuous lights and studio strobes. Weather permitting, we'll then move outside to take some shots on the front lawn. You'll have at least two hours to take photos of our pets during the live shoot, so don't forget your cameras!

    Topics Covered:
    • Tips for camera settings to get great quality images
    • Setting up your camera and lighting for continuous lighting and strobes
    • Recommended gear (flashes, radio triggers, softboxes)
    • Tips for composition and getting great expressions
    • Suggested places around the house to photograph
    • Methods for getting your dog or cat to look at the camera

    *Pets for the live shoot will be determined closer to the workshop date.
    *Limited to 20 students. Register early!

    Our Price: $89.00
  • Photographing Namibia with Michael Downey

    Class Code: UUU452

    Michael Downey
    Skill Level: 

    Join Open Sky Senior Tour Leader Temu Nana and Unique Photo’s own Michael Downey as photo instructor on a two-week exploration of one of southern Africa’s most incredible countries. Designed by and for photographers, we’ll capture Namibia’s incredible night sky, best landscapes, and wildlife in the right light, at the right time. From the Skeleton Coast to the Salt Pans, Kolmanskop to the villages of the Himba, and the massive dunes of Sossusvlei to unforgettable Etosha National Park, Namibia is unlike any place on the planet, one we can’t wait to share with you!

    Comprehensive pre-departure information, accommodations in luxury lodges and hotels, meals as indicated in the itinerary, special permits for after-hours access to sites, all gratuities, plus a complimentary travel wallet and personalized travel notebook with your final documents. Scroll down for all details!

    Please note that airfare is NOT included with this registration. Our tour operator partner can assist you with booking flights.

    *Pricing is subject to change after January 31st 2018.
    *Group is limited to 12 participants. Don't delay in reserving your seat!

    Please call Temu at 212-441-0024 or email to sign up!

    1 for $8,445.00 2+ for $7,995.00
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  • Chasing the Northern Lights Photo Adventure

    Class Code: UUU434

    Dr. William Gutsch
    Skill Level: 

    Unique Photo® has once again teamed up with group of night sky photography experts to give you an amazing opportunity to travel above the Arctic Circle, seek the Northern Lights, and explore the fantastic landscape of Arctic Norway.

    From November 2nd - 9th 2018, you’ll be based in Tromso, Norway – the “Aurora Capital of the World”. Most of the city (population: 72,000) is on an island surrounded by majestic mountain vistas and views of the fjords. By night and day – it’s a haven for photographers.

    Included: Airfare from Newark International Airport (EWR), hotel, breakfasts, and luxury coach on some nights.  Scroll down and read the OVERVIEW below for hotel, booking, and additional important information.

    Early Bird Special: Save $500 when you register by April 30th! Save another $500 when you pay in full at time of registration! Please refer to the "REGISTRATION RATES & INFO" section of the description below for details.

    2+ for $4,900.00 1 for $5,400.00
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