Used Camera Gear Buying Guide

Used Camera Gear Buying Guide


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Most people usually opt for new cameras with brand-new equipment. However, brand-new camera equipment is very expensive to purchase. A good alternative for such equipment would be to buy used camera equipments. People think that used photography equipment are usually defective. As opposed to this popular belief, most of used camera gear can be found in good condition. Moreover, these camera gear is available at a low price, making it ideal for aspiring photographers. It serves as a good way to save money when photography is considered as an expensive hobby.

Purpose of the Guide

When it comes to choosing camera gear, the photographer needs to decide the different kinds of camera gear they require on the field. This buying guide highlights the different points that are to be considered while buying camera equipment.

What is Used Camera Gear?

Camera equipment includes several accessories that are required for supporting and simplifying the use of a camera. This helps photographers to shoot better images and videos through the cameras. There are different camera equipment for a different purpose. For instance, tripods are used to ensure that the camera is steady while shooting pictures. Some of the most common camera gear are listed here.


Lenses are considered to be the most important part of the photographer’s camera set-up that can make or break photos. They control the image that is projected on the image sensor thus helping to create quality images. Depending on the different purpose, there are many types of lenses available. These include wide angle lenses, standard lenses, standard zoom lenses, telephoto lenses, and many more.


A camera flash is an indispensable component of photography used in digital cameras. They prove useful for indoor photography wherein relatively small amount of ambient light is available. Nowadays, many digital cameras are available that offer automatic flash. There are also some types of high-end digital cameras that allow photographers to use different external flash units for different shooting situations.


The basic function of the tripod is to prevent camera movement. Tripods enable users to avoid dullness or blurring in images that is caused by camera shake. Camera shake usually occurs when the photographer takes still pictures at long shutter speeds.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment plays a huge role in professional studio photography. There are various types of lighting equipment available for users. The three main categories of lighting equipment include light sources, light modifiers and grips or stands.

Reasons to Buy Used Camera Gear

Many people are in a dilemma when they are planning to buy camera equipment. Not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new camera and its equipment. This is where used camera gear proves to be beneficial. Most beginner, amateur and professional photographer prefer buying the latest camera equipment. So, when new camera gear is launched, amateur and professional photographers sell older camera gear. They usually sell their older gear before it starts to lose value. This serves as a great opportunity for other photographers to upgrade to the previous generation gear and save their money. Listed here are a few common reasons for buying used camera gear.

Save Money:
These used equipment allows photographers to get good quality camera equipment at affordable prices.
Antique Film or Digital Models:
Photographers searching for older film or digital models, discontinued items and collectibles can find them in available used products. This allows photographers to experiment with new formats by investing less.
Backup Gear:
It serves as a backup gear for the photographers who shoot at weddings and other such events.
Great Significance:
Every old camera equipment has a photographic history that has a special history of its own.
Affordable Option:
Used camera equipment are an affordable way to find one-of-a-kind items with custom modifications.

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Things to Check Before Buying Used Camera Gear

When buying any used camera equipment, it is necessary to check whether it is in a good state and can be reused without any issues. Some of the things to be checked when buying camera equipment are listed below.

Buy From a Reliable Source

When buying camera gear online, the photographer needs to ensure that the online store or retail store is trustworthy. It should have reliable ranking and the provision for feedback to photographers to get accurate information about the seller and the camera gear.

Check Physical Damage

When purchasing any camera equipment, photographers need to ensure that it does not have any scratches, dents, nicks or cracks.

Check the Working Condition of the Lens

Photographers thoroughly need to check the lens with the help of a blower brush and a bit of alcohol. Look at the following points to know the working condition of the lens.

  • Eroded lens coatings that can hamper the quality of the image and make them appear blotchy
  • Light damage that can be corrected but at a very expensive price
  • Check the contact points that need to be consistent between the camera and lens
  • Check the filter threads that keep the lens intact

Look at the Aperture Blades

The photographers also need to ensure that the oil coating aperture blades don’t gel together as this will make them sticky. Eventually, this results in over-exposed or under-exposed photos.

  • Check whether the aperture blades move smoothly
  • Test aperture blades by lowering the depth of field preview to its lowest

Check the Condition of the Mount Ring

The mount ring should be in good condition. This will ensure that the used lens can be attached to the camera without breaking the mount or the lens.

Zoom Function is Working

When buying a zoom lens, it is necessary to be sure that the lens zooms without any interference. Look at the points below to see the things that are to be checked.

  • It is preferable not to have loose zoom action while shooting. This impacts picture quality.
  • Lenses that have been dropped many times may not extend to their full range

Check the Focus of the Lens

It is necessary to check whether the focal assistance feature and manual focal ability work properly.

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