Used Digital Cameras Buying Guide

Used Digital Cameras Buying Guide


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Lately, digital cameras have become one of the most popular devices. They help in shooting those special moments from everyday life. Nowadays, many new types of digital cameras are becoming available, which some people find very expensive to buy. This is where used digital cameras that are up for sale come into the picture. Most of the photographers, amateur and professional alike, buy used cameras as they are available at a very low price. However, it is necessary to know the terminologies used for digital cameras, along with its types before buying used digital cameras online.

Purpose of the Guide

Since used camera equipment is always cheaper than new digital cameras, they serve as a good choice over the new ones, which may be priced expensively in comparison. Another option that photographers can consider buying is refurbished cameras, which are better in quality than used cameras. Usually refurbished cameras are purchased by consumers. However, they are returned back because of some defective parts. After returning the camera, the manufacturer fixes the defective parts, after which are resold as refurbished cameras. Even if refurbished cameras provide the same performance as a new camera, they might have some issues. Some of these include shutter lags, low battery power, few continuous shots, etc. Here, we have provided a buying guide, which will help you to buy a good digital camera that is used or refurbished.

What is a Used Digital Camera?

A digital camera uses sensors to shoot images. Digital cameras that are mostly used these days are compact cameras and digital cameras. Other types of consumer digital cameras include bridge and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Compact Cameras

As the name suggests, compact digital cameras are portable and easy to use. They are nicknamed as point and shoot cameras, and are very simple to operate. The compact camera has a fixed lens with a small sensor that is fit into its body. It has an LCD screen, which acts as an electronic viewfinder.

DSLR Camera

Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras, more commonly known as DSLR cameras, are high-end devices that use a mirror and prism system with an electronic sensor to shoot photos. They have a large image sensor and interchangeable lenses that capture detailed information. In order to shoot an image, the user has to look through the viewfinder and press the shutter button. As soon as the shutter button is pressed, the mirror turns over and sends the image directly to the sensor, thus creating an accurate photo.

Bridge Digital Cameras

Bridge digital cameras are designed to reduce the gap between a DSLR and a compact camera. It is a perfect combination of both types of cameras. The bridge camera includes the best cameras of each of these cameras, such as small size and better picture quality. Many of the bridge cameras have automatic modes and manual modes, which provide users with immense control over the different settings.

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC) are similar to bridge cameras. These cameras have a smaller sized body as compared to DSLR cameras. However, they provide rich and beautiful pictures that are at par to entry-level DSLR cameras. The mirrorless cameras have large sensors and don’t use mirrors to shoot images. It offers users the capability to switch between different lenses to get particular photo.

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Reasons to Buy a Used Digital Camera

There can be innumerable reasons for purchasing a used digital camera. However, the most common reasons include saving money, attempt photography or getting a backup.

Save Money

Usually used cameras are purchased to save money. In reality, there are many new cameras with better sensors that are released everyday. All these new cameras are priced expensively. However, their price drops significantly after a year or so. As such, amateur and professional photographers can easily get the latest cameras, which have become hardly a year old at a bargain price. Basically, used cameras can prove to be great money savers for those who are not fixed on purchasing newly released cameras.

Try Photography as a Hobby

Digital cameras are very expensive, and buying one without being sure about the wastage of money it would cause. Also, most of the high-end DSLR lenses are priced more than the actual camera body. So, it would be better that people who are attempting photography for the first time buy a used camera instead of a new one.

Serve as a Backup

It is preferable for professional photographers who depend on photography for their income to get a backup camera. Many professional photographers carry two or more cameras and lenses to event shoots so that they have a backup ready. Some of them also prefer a used digital camera as a backup to shoot photos in the event that their main camera does not work.

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Which is Better - Used or Refurbished Cameras?

Refurbished is a term used by manufacturers to identify cameras that the resellers have returned back. These cameras cannot be sold as new, as they had some defects at one point. If a consumer finds a certain defect in the camera and returns it back to the reseller then that camera cannot be sold as new. This is as per the consumer protection laws that do not allow the sale of the purchased product. Such cameras are then given back to the manufacturer who fixes the defects and sells it as a refurbished camera. However, these refurbished cameras are unused, and yet are priced at an affordable price.

There is a vast difference between refurbished cameras and used cameras. As opposed to refurbished cameras, used cameras are not factory inspected or serviced. These cameras may come with the original box, software and documentation, but the fact remains that they have been used earlier. The retail store gives a warranty ranging from 30 days to 6 months to those who have purchased a used camera from them. Many used cameras of some of the popular brands, like Canon and Nikon, are available on sale.

Digital Cameras are a wonderful way to capture and record memories. However, some digital cameras are out of reach of everyday consumer, hence buying used digital cameras is a great option for those who are looking for a camera at an economical price.

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