Tripods and Accessories

It is vital to equip yourself with a secure tripod and related accessories for the safety and sturdiness of your camera. Tripods provide you with the kind of control, support, stability, and maneuvering abilities that simply can't be achieved through normal hand control. Camera tripods can be extended to various heights for better feasibility and control, so it is necessary to choose a tripod that is compatible with your needs as a photographer. Along with selecting the right kind of tripod, it is also essential that you choose the right kind to bag that securely accommodates your tripod. Camera bags come in assorted shapes and sizes, so it is prudent that you choose one that not only holds your tripod but also your camera. Nowadays, you get what is called a fully compatible DSLR bag that is capable of housing your tripod, DSLR camera, and plenty of other accessories, on account of its various sections, pockets, and compartments.

Once you have your shiny new camera and some lenses, you are going to want a good camera bag to haul all your stuff around in. Depending on what kind of photography you are going to be doing, different types of bags will work better for you and we have them all from big rollers to discrete shoulder bags. Looking to be the next Ansel Adams? Well you will need a tripod, so be sure to check out our large selection of tripod legs, heads, and accessories!

Unique Photo carries a full line of tripods and accessories by ADI, Benro, Bogen, Cullmann, Gitzo, Induro, Manfrotto, Olympus, Slik, Vanguard, Velbon, Kalt, Gary Fong, Sigma, and many more.

Tripod Buying Guide

Tripod Buying Guide


A tripod is a portable three-legged frame or stand that gives stability to the camera. When shooting at slow shutter speeds, this camera accessory ensures that the images are blur-free even with shaky camera movements. The basic job of a tripod is to provide stability in low light conditions and also at low shutter speeds. It also proves useful to support heavy camera and lens combinations. This tripod buying guide explores the different features offered by a tripod. It also provides a basic difference between tripods, minipods and monopods.

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